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How to get people to play a good holiday small abacus

The National Day holiday is coming, where to play, what to eat delicacy, with what winter items…… Recently, how to plan the holiday has become a hot topic among people, everyone more or less have made himself, or to join the travel team, the pleasant autumn tour; some want to go to the countryside picnic; there are many office workers work pressure, had to continue to work overtime; there are people said to the house in the home, do not go out to get busy"……

[a] planning

[two] planning

"home" to the end

"during the national day of each attraction people, scenic spot price soaring, as home to enjoy the rare quiet at home." Wu people and family in the National Day period and not out travel plans, but to stay at home, adjust state. I also intend to put together a few friends together, usually telephone contact mostly, just everyone has a holiday, get together to contact feelings."

[three] planning

for his charge, gold plated

in addition to choose to travel or at home and abroad, there are many;


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