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Datong County and township cadres condolences staff hail

9 7, Minister of the United Front Work Department County CPPCC Chairman Wang Jinfa, the Standing Committee of the county and Ma Yongzhen county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and a line of 6 people, to the staff of treasure Township hail condolences and held a forum.

condolences to a group of hard work in the work of the staff on duty condolences, sent them to bed three sets of supplies for the four sets, the forum to learn more about their living conditions and working environment. And according to the request, a firm to work and do a good job of hail weather service, escort, escort for agricultural production. Two to carry out the maintenance of anti-aircraft guns in each operation, the timely registration of duty log, carry out regular ammunition storage inspection. Three strict operating procedures to ensure the safety of the operation.

township government also hail staff sent to work suit, a pair of shoes. From the point of gun gun since the township leaders repeatedly went to visit the staff point of hail, and to understand the working life of machine.

in recent years, with the development of agricultural modernization process, according to the weather forecast of hail, hail suppression, scattered clouds, prevent hail disaster, the township and the surrounding villages from the treasure house of hail disaster, treasure Township agricultural harvest and lay a solid foundation.  



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