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Provincial Football Association Youth Training Center

11 19, Lake Lake Sports Center, more than 100 young football players are running on the pitch, training. The day before, the Football Association of Qinghai Province youth training center located in sea lake sports center.

is reported that, for the implementation of the reform and development of "China football overall plan", the China Football Association approved to help build, in support of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau and the Xining Municipal Education Bureau, Qinghai Province, the football association has established four regional training center, and send coaches in the layout of 14 elementary school selection U8-U11 age the male and female elite athletes echelon echelon elite 160. Every Tuesday, four, the Qinghai Football Association will send coaches to the district training center counseling, and every month in the sea lake Sports Center Training 1-2 times. Training clothing, equipment, transportation costs and coaches are provided by the Qinghai provincial football association.

it is understood that through the training of small players through layers of selection, the future will represent Qinghai province to participate in the national games. According to the development in the future, the association of Qinghai Province youth training center or the coverage to 30 primary school and middle school, and to increase the U12-U15 age of the team, training will be extended to Qinghai Province, cities and states, establish and improve the youth football training system in Qinghai Province, so that more young people to experience football life, love football, enjoy happy football.



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