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Kroos: “Lowering your salary is a lost fund or donation to the club”

first_imgThis pandemic and the earthquake that its arrival will suppose to the economy of the clubs augurs times of austerity in the transfer market. The coronavirus has unbalanced budgets, which have closed the door of income (television rights, tickets, subscriptions, marketing …) and are trying to survive by lightening the spending on the wages of their players and workers. For Kroos, this new scenario will cause a ‘cheapening’ of transfers: “It is questionable whether some sums of money can still be paid. I think all the problems will arise. Some more, others less. Maybe this is not bad because everything was put on a somewhat extreme level. “ Toni Kroos is not in favor of reducing the salary of the players as a measure to be taken by the clubs in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, which has blown up all the economic plans set at the beginning of the season. “A drop in salary is like a donation in vain or for the club,” said the Real Madrid midfielder on the SWR Sport podcast., although he pointed out that in the Madrid entity, for the moment, he has no problems in this regard. The German believes that reducing his salary strengthens the coffers of each club but does not contribute to helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in this crisis. “I am in favor of paying the full salary and that everyone does sensible things with it. Everyone is asked to help where necessary, and there are many places where it is necessary, “ Kroos raised. Kroos assured in this interview that, at the moment, Real Madrid has no problems maintaining the players’ salaries. Nevertheless, pessimism begins to be present in the Bernabéu, as published by AS on March 31. From the entity they discard, at the moment, a negotiation with the captains or an ERTE: “The finances are robust”. But it will give its approval to any consensual decision made by LaLiga in its negotiations with AFE. This Tuesday, Javier Tebas, LaLiga president, spoke via telematics with the foreign press and on this matter pointed out: “We are in a moment of exceptional crisis, unpredictable and of enormous impact. Everyone loses money, it seems normal to me that players’ salaries are also reduced. In Spain we did not find an agreement with the union, our negotiation ran aground yesterday. At the moment, 8 La Liga clubs (First and Second) have requested ERTE, but in the coming days all our teams will activate salary reduction protocols, either through ERTE or with individual agreements with their players. Spanish football does not intend to resort to state aid, we must be economically independent. ”center_img Of course, the Real Madrid player acknowledges being concerned about the global soccer system and how COVID-19 is affecting him and will affect him economically. “Many clubs lack planned income. It also depends on how long everything will be idle. If, for example, football is played again in May, solutions will surely be found. If it is necessary to stop until winter, I can imagine that some club will no longer do so. That would change football as we know it. “he stated.last_img read more

Badree’s plea: WI need help

first_imgBRISBANE, Australia (CMC):Leg-spinner Samuel Badree believes the problems of West Indies cricket are now too big for authorities in the region to fix.As such, he said here yesterday that cricket’s world governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), or Caribbean governments may need to intervene to halt the decline.”It’s disappointing and deeply painful to be a player and to see the level we have reached,” said Badree, who has signed to play with Brisbane Heat in the Big Bash League.”There has been a lot of conjecture about the reasons and I don’t want to get into that – just to say that we need help.”Whether it comes from the ICC or whether it comes from the governments of the West Indies, at the end of the day, we need some help to get our cricket back on the right track.”The 34-year-old Badree has played 22 Twenty20 Internationals for West Indies but is yet to play Test or one-day cricket.He has risen to become the number two ranked bowler in the world and, like many West Indies players, has opted to focus on the lucrative T20 leagues around the world in recent years.Badree is joined by fellow West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago player Lendl Simmons for Heat’s campaign in the Big Bash.Tonight, they will take on Melbourne Renegades, featuring Windies teammates Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo, and Badree said he was fully aware of his role for the Heat.”As one of the international players, I need to step up to the challenge,” Badree said.”People doubted spinners initially in Twenty20 cricket, but you have seen the success of slow bowlers as the game has gone on. Spinners all over the world have adapted well [to T20 cricket].”last_img read more

Top student athletes poised for lucrative prize

first_imgThe Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence being administered by the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports, and Education Fund (CHASE) will again recognise the accomplishments of male and female high-school students who excel in academics and sports during the staging of its annual award ceremony at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Thursday, October 15. Schools at the secondary level are asked to nominate one student who meets the criteria of displaying exceptional qualities in their academic performance and team commitment, plus good tenets of fair play while representing their school in sports. The students nominated must be Jamaican nationals and currently in grades 10 to 13. All nominations must be submitted by the principal of the secondary institution and should include a report explaining why the student is being nominated for the award. The Student Excellence Award carries a handsome package, which includes $250,000 from Supreme Ventures Limited towards the development of a specific school project to benefit the student of the institution, as well as a one-year Internet service, a trophy, and a computer tablet from the Supreme Ventures Foundation. Since its establishment in 2013, four outstanding student athletes have already received this award. They are Mark Parchment of Munro College and Janell Dalberry of St Jago High in 2013, and Natalliah Whyte of St Jago High and Jaheel Hyde of Wolmer’s Boys’ School last year. Last year, Whyte said she was really surprised at winning the award and thanked her mother for giving her the support so that she could attain her goals. “My mom is my greatest motivator … she is always pushing me and I know she is very proud of me. I am also proud of myself as I worked very hard,” said Whyte upon receiving her award. Outstanding footballer and gold-medal hurdler Jaheel Hyde said at the awards last year that it was a good feeling to add such an award to his collection. “It is really good to be recognised not only as an athlete, but for academic excellence … you have to balance both of them,” he added. The Courtney Walsh Award, which is in its 11th year, was conceptualised by former Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, an avid cricket follower, who was prompted to establish the award to celebrate excellence in sports, having observed the exemplary qualities demonstrated by Ambassador Courtney Walsh throughout his illustrious international career.last_img read more

One can define level of civilisation in a State by the way it treats…

first_imgDear Editor,Recently, I have become aware that whenever and whatever oil money arrives, senior citizens will not benefit much from this new largesse because Guyanese life expectancy is about 71.6 years for women and 65.4 for men. It should also be noted that only approximately 5.4 per cent of our population is over 65 years.Now, this is patently unfair to the elderly. They are the ones who remained behind to weather the storms. They gave their youth to this country, and did not “cut and run”. They stayed behind to hold our country together, to experience the painful hard times, to ensure stability, to keep the productive machinery functioning – whether as managers, field workers, civil servants, scientists, teachers, Private Sector employees, and all the other areas of service.I am suggesting that ways and methods be found to ensure that some tangible benefits reach our senior citizens. Such direct financial support could be in the form of an increase of their pension from $20,500 per month to whatever the minimum wage per person is at the relevant time. VAT could be removed from every purchaser provable (by ID card) to be over 65. That most iniquitous Property Tax could be expunged from the law as it relates to the elderly homeowners. Payments for crossing rivers via bridges and Airport Exit Taxes and Airport Security Service Charges (built into airline tickets) could also be removed for senior citizens.For the foreseeable future, it will be only five per cent of the population which has served this country well and, in some cases, beyond the call of duty, who will be receiving such benefits.I call on caring leaders/political parties/Governments to advocate and implement serious actions to improve the standard of living of our seniors, whose current lives may not be receiving the great attention it deserves. Place your commitment, in this regard, in your respective manifestos. If that is already too late, then state your intentions publicly from your pre-elections platforms.One can define the level of civilisation in a State by the way it treats its elderly.Sincerely,Senior citizen (name and address provided)last_img read more

Eccles teen fatally stabs rival in apparent love triangle

first_imgAn Eccles, East Bank Demerara, man has been arrested after he fatally stabbed another villager, who attempted to run him over with a car, in an apparent love triangle.Dead is Intiaz Ally, 22, an excavator operator of Lot 121 ‘BB’ Eccles. According to reports, the incident occurred just after 22:00h at a few houses from where Ally shared a dwelling with his girlfriend of 15 months, Nicola Indal.Dead Intiaz Ally and Nicola Indal earlier this yearPolice reports revealed that Indal was on her way home from work in the company of the 16-year-old suspect, who was riding a bicycle alongside her, something he usually does. At the time, the suspect was in possession of the woman’s bag which contained a ten inch ‘rambo’ knife, the police said.“It was alleged that as they were proceeding in a northern direction, Ally, who was driving motor car PSS 2435, struck down the suspect who got up and began to run but was apprehended by Ally. (The now dead man) started to beat him and during this process the suspect, who was still in possession of the bag, took out the knife and allegedly inflicted a wound to the left side of Ally’s neck,” a Police release detailed.According to the release, the injured man was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead.JealousySpeaking with Guyana Times on Sunday, a distraught Indal explained that of recent, her relationship with Ally had become rocky because he was abusing her, and had even cheated on her. She noted that the deceased became suspicious of her and would constantly accuse her of cheating on him, as revenge.She said that only last week, they had a fight on the same issue and he hit her. Following this Ally moved out and went to stay with his mother at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo.“We had a fight because he said that I was cheating on him and when I asked with whom, he said he don’t know but when he find out it gon be big scene with he and the boy and me,” the young woman related.Indal, who operates an internet café in Eccles, recalled that on Saturday night Ally called sometime around 21:13h, knowing that she closes at 22:00h, and said he wanted to see her. However, she noted at the time he was in Parika, EBE, at a wedding and she forbid him to come because he was drinking and would have sped on the way down.At the time she noted that the suspect, who works at a nearby carwash, was at the café using the wifi, which is a norm, and Ally demanded that the call be placed on speaker so that he can talk to the teenager.Indal said after talking to the suspect for a few minutes about his car, Ally then threatened the teenager that he is on his way with a car load of men to beat him up for “stealing his happiness”. At that point, the young woman said she retrieved the phone from the teenager and continued talking to Ally for about an hour, until she heard wind blowing through the phone and suspected he was on his way to Eccles.The young woman said she immediately closed the internet and, in the company of her siblings, cousins and the suspect, proceeded home. Upon reaching the house, Indal said she requested the teenager to escort one of her relatives home, a few corners away, since it was late.It was at this point, they noticed Ally’s car coming through the street. “I tell them don’t move because when (Ally) drink he gets real hasty so they gon wait till he gone and then go. Then he turned around and left so they proceed in the opposite direction and next thing we see Inti car come through the other… When he got closer he accelerated to a speed and came towards us,” the young woman recalled.ConfrontationIn tears, she further related that everybody scattered but the car hit the bicycle that the teenager was on and he fell. She noted that the suspect was holding her bag that contained a laptop and cash from the day’s proceedings as well as a knife which she has for protection. She added too that the deceased had two other males in the car.“(Ally) come out the car and approach the boy (suspect) but the boy run… One of he friend hold he back but he break way and run after the boy and catch he. Inti dig like about four cuffs to the boy and all I see the boy make one punch – I could have swear it was a punch, I didn’t know is bore he bore Inti to his neck and he fall on his knees,” the grieving woman recounted.Indal said that her sister along with Ally’s two friends rushed him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre but on the way there he died. When asked by reporters whether in fact, she had a relationship with the suspect, the young woman denied. However, the teenager’s mother’s told reporters that her son and Indal did in fact share a relationship.Nevertheless, the suspect, who resides at Eccles Old Road, has since been taken into custody to assist with investigations.The alleged murder weapon was retrieved.last_img read more

White Night road campaign to begin tonight

first_img– inter-agency collaboration needed to address road fatalities, says GNRSCCollaboration between agencies tasked with keeping the roadways safe may be just what Guyana needs to reduce road fatalities. And according to the Guyana Road Safety Council (GNRSC), the White Night campaign, which will commence from tonight, will do just that.GNRSC Coordinator, Ramona DoorgenAccording to GNRSC Coordinator Ramona Doorgen, the campaign will seek to encourage all road users to abstain from driving while under the influence of alcohol, or to designate a driver if an occasion calls for drinking, or to stay away from drinking if they have to drive.“It is very important for the Ministry of Public Security, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana National Road Safety Council to address the drunk-driving situation in our country by using all its experience to address this matter,” Doorgen said yesterday, in revealing the outline for the campaign.“Even though we are at a significant decrease in road deaths and crashes, we are very serious (about) meeting the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011/2020 — reduction of deaths by 50 per cent by the year 2020. Every life lost is one life too many.”The declaration was made by the UN General Assembly in March 2010, and it is aimed at reducing road fatalities around the world — estimated at almost 1.3 million people every year.Doorgen has assured that the GNRSC — with the support of the Public Security Ministry, Guyana Police Force, media houses and all other road safety stakeholders — is working to restrict the escalation of road crashes. She noted that many of these crashes are due to driving under the influence (DUI); blatant disregard for traffic advisories and laws; and/or ignorance of road rules, and the lack of road safety education.According to the outline, this year’s White Night campaign will involve road blocks and random breathalyser tests being applied to motorists, in a major countrywide operation that will see traffic ranks working alongside members of the GNRSC and other prominent citizens.Doorgen has said that the decision to involve prominent citizens in the exercise is rooted in sound research. According to the coordinator, those who would be involved include prominent citizens such as traffic officers from all divisions, executives of GNRSC, government ministers, the Commissioner of Police, association members, and “all citizens who feel they can make a difference by raising the level of awareness of reducing drunk driving on our road ways.”“Research has shown (that) whenever a prominent person — such as a minister, a judge, etc — joins any campaign, the level of awareness is recognised as national. Road blocks (will be) set up at different locations across the country,” she explained.“These persons will join the Police at the various road blocks (to assist) with education awareness and such (things) as sharing information to motorist by way of flyers, bumper stickers, etc. Breathalyser tests of the drivers will be done by the Police,” she explained.The GNRSC on Monday released a list of locations where the road blocks would be implemented. The campaign will run from June to December, and would be staged in all police divisions. In Division A: Georgetown to East Bank Demerara, road blocks will be located at Vlissengen Road and Main Street. In Division B: (Berbice) the campaign will set up shop at Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice; and at Albion, Rose Hall Town and Springlands.In Division C (East Coast Demerara), the road blocks will be located at Sparendaam and Ogle; while in Division D (West Bank Demerara to East Bank Essequibo) the locations are Vreed-en-Hoop and Leonora, West Coast Demerara.In Division E (Linden to Kwakwani), the location for the road block is Mackenzie; while in Division F (interior locations) road blocks will be at 1st and 2nd Avenues in Bartica. In Division G (Essequibo Coast, encompassing the islands), road blocks will be placed in Anna Regina.The campaigns will run simultaneously on the following dates: the 2nd and 30th of June; 28th of July; 12th August; 1ST and 30thof September; the 27th October; 4th, 17th and 24th of November; and December the 15th. The time for the commencement of all the campaigns, according to GNRSC, will be 22:00h.last_img read more

NoHo no show?

first_imgIf the community allows this tradition to vanish, it will harm efforts to revitalize North Hollywood. For 14 years, the arts festival was a showcase for local theaters and art galleries and was one of the few events that promoted culture in the San Fernando Valley. If the chamber can’t find a new event operator in the next month, it ought to prepare to run the festival itself, as it did for many years, while efforts are under way find a long-term solution. TONY Safoian, board president of the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, said that if the NoHo Theater Arts Festival happens this year, it will be in early June. If? Last June, the board voted to cancel the contract with the operator of the event because of complaints. But with the festival just months away, the chamber has yet to get a replacement. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

The Valley Exposed: Porn and the Family

first_img Fighting pornography is a “front-burner issue” at Focus on the Family, founded by evangelical leader James Dobson. The organization shares information and resources with activists, offers family counseling and advocates for stronger anti-pornography laws. Raising children while compartmentalizing their day jobs is neither healthy for parents nor foolproof, Weiss said. “If you talk to people in the industry, they will assure you that everything is healthy and normal in their household,” he said. But “the potential for that parent’s occupation to bleed over into that child’s life, the family’s life, I think it’s unavoidable.” But Martha Kempner, a spokesman for the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S., said parents working in the adult-entertainment industry are just as capable of raising sexually healthy children as parents with other jobs. “I think the issue for all parents is to be able to convey their own feelings about sexuality in an age-appropriate way,” Kempner said. “A younger child would be told Mommy and Daddy work in the movies,” Kempner said. Slightly older children would be told the movies are for grown-ups, and later that the movies are for adults because the people in the movies are naked. “You would gradually increase the message until the child could understand,” she said. Jason Tucker is not sure when he’ll tell his daughters that he runs Falcon Foto, one of the world’s largest erotic picture libraries. Tucker, 33, also created the adult magazines Barely Legal and Hometown Girls. He lives in the San Fernando Valley. Tucker’s daughters – two teens and a toddler – think he runs a photo licensing business. He waits until they are asleep before he writes copy or views adult images because he does not want them exposed to any erotic content. `Overly conscious’ Tucker’s protectiveness extends to mainstream media. He prohibits his girls from watching “South Park” and MTV’s dating show “Next” and is careful about the Internet sites they visit. “I am overly conscious,” he said. “I have taken extra steps to ensure that they can’t watch certain things on the television and look at on the Internet.” Tucker is quick to defend his work as legal and lucrative, allowing him to take his family on far-flung vacations. Like many people working in the adult industry interviewed for this story, Tucker’s belief in age-appropriate content helps him balance work and family. Making erotic movies and magazines is OK because they are intended for adults, not children, he said. But when asked how he feels about his own children going into the business, Tucker hesitates. “There are certain things I am comfortable with and certain things that I am not comfortable with,” he said, adding that he’ll deal with it when the time comes. For now, he shields his children at home by screening TV shows and supporting the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating child pornography on the Internet. The group is heavily funded by the adult industry and counts as members people who oversee thousands of adult Web sites, spokesman Rick Louis said. “The core of our mission is there’s a difference between legal adult entertainment that is provided by our members and supporters,” Louis said. ” … There’s a huge difference between that and child pornography.” The adult-entertainment industry has gotten involved because it doesn’t want what they do for a living to be confused with illegal activity, he added. To protect minors, ASACP created an online label called an RTA that identifies adult content. Web filters, like Net Nanny, K9 Web Protection and Cyber Patrol, can recognize the label and block the site, depending on a user’s preference. The labels are generated by content descriptions provided by people who run the sites. Other labels, like those from the Family Online Safety Institute (formerly ICRA), denote violence, nudity, sexual content or language. Options for parents Parents who want to block specific Internet content have plenty of options. Parents fighting custody battles because they work in the adult-entertainment industry, however, have few legal resources. Chris Potoski knows this firsthand. Potoski, 35, who runs No Rivals Media, and his wife, Brandi, who acts in adult films, were on a business trip in New York when they got a frantic call from their nanny. Social workers were enroute to their home in Raleigh, N.C., to search for inappropriate material and to interview their 4-year-old daughter. Potoski’s parents and in-laws had learned about their jobs from an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show and wanted to remove their daughter from their home, he said. “The search of our home led them to believe nothing was wrong,” Potoski said. But he wanted to be ready and started looking for a lawyer. They talked to 20 law firms before finding one that would represent them. “I would ask lawyers, So you represent people in murder cases? You represent people in rape cases? But you’re not willing to represent someone who works in a legal industry? That’s shocking.” The experience prompted the Potoskis to form Parents In Adult, a Web site that lists lawyers interested in representing adult-entertainment workers. Parentsinadult.com also offers chat rooms for parents seeking advice and links to articles on DrSpock.com. “Our goal with Parents In Adult is to provide resources for parents in the adult industry and information on how to become a better parent,” Potoski said. But when people really want help, they don’t write in for fear their comments will be traced. Instead, Potoski said, they pick up the phone and call. julia.scott@dailynews.com (818) 713-3735 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Karen Stagliano talks to her 6-year-old daughter about nearly everything – how her brain works, how astronauts breathe in space – but they never talk openly about mommy’s job. Stagliano, 32, formerly appeared in X-rated movies and now works as a spokeswoman for Evil Angel, an adult-film company in Van Nuys run by her husband, John. “She definitely doesn’t know that I was a model,” Stagliano said of her daughter. “She’s seen some pictures of me in bikini-type things, very innocuous, less racy than you would see in Maxim. She’s seen that but doesn’t think anything of it. She just says, `Mommy, that’s a pretty swimsuit.”‘ Stagliano, whose current job includes negotiating actors’ salaries for sex scenes and selecting breast-baring ads, is one of hundreds of porn industry employees who also are parents. Some are open about their occupation, sharing details of their jobs with friends, neighbors and their children’s teachers. Others are discreet, saying they work for an independent filmmaker, publish a magazine or run an Internet business. Many refused to be interviewed or photographed for this story, saying they feared losing custody of their kids, being ostracized by neighbors or targeted for crime. Adult-entertainment workers maintain they can keep their work and family lives separate, but some critics dispute that claim. “It’s the height of absurdity for the industry to claim this kind of concern for children when they are the chief culprits that are pumping out the material to harm them,” said Daniel Weiss, senior analyst for media and sexuality for Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian nonprofit group. `Front-burner issue’ last_img

Zaha strikes as Ivory Coast reach last 16

first_imgThe Ivorians advance as runners-up of Group D behind Morocco, who snatched a last-gasp winner in a 1-0 victory over South Africa that leaves Stuart Baxter’s side relying on other results to scrape through as one of four best third-place finishers.Ivory Coast boss Ibrahim Kamara handed Arsenal target Zaha his first start of the competition in place of Nicolas Pepe at 30 June Stadium, with the Elephants having scored just once in their first two matches.They were lucky not to fall behind as Peter Shalulile wasted a pair of good chances for Namibia, before Gradel ran on to a wonderful Franck Kessie pass to lift over Lloyd Kazapua to put the Ivorians ahead on 39 minutes.An unfortunate Nyambe then redirected a speculative Geoffrey Serey Die drive into his own net as Ivory Coast increased their advantage near the hour.Sloppy defending offered Namibia a lifeline as Kamatuka made it 2-1, but Zaha drilled home a low shot from 15 yards before substitute Cornet smacked home a fourth in the closing stages.The Ivorians go through to a last 16 encounter with the winners from Group E — likely Mali or Tunisia — but South Africa face a nervous 24-hour wait to determine if they will also advance.Bafana Bafana had also struggled in attack heading into their final group game against Herve Renard’s Morocco at Al Salam Stadium.Percy Tau hammered a shot just wide for South Africa after slick footwork on the edge of the box, while Younes Belhanda volleyed straight at the recalled Ronwen Williams in a quiet first half.Achraf Hakimi rattled the crossbar with a terrific 25-yard attempt early in the second half, but Morocco won it right at the death as Mbark Boussoufa stabbed home from close range after a free-kick fell into his path.Having been on course to seal one of four best third-place spots, South Africa will now be counting on Senegal to beat Kenya later Monday while keeping a close eye on Tuesday’s results in Group E and F.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Wilfried Zaha is a transfer target for Arsenal this summer © AFP / Khaled DESOUKICAIRO, Egypt, Jul 1 – Wilfried Zaha scored on his first start at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations as Ivory Coast clinched a place in the last 16 with a 4-1 victory over Namibia on Monday.Max Gradel’s precise finish and an own goal by Ryan Nyambe put the 2015 champions in control in Cairo, with late Zaha and Maxwel Cornet efforts wrapping up the win after Joslin Kamatuka had given Namibia hope.last_img read more


first_imgMORE reaction from Glasgow on Celtic’s title-winning day, with words from The Manager, his boss – and details of that trophy party (and Donegal fans will be pleased). Watch this video special.THE MANAGERNEIL Lennon has described Celtic´s League Championship triumph today as his best day in football.The Hoops clinched their 43rd title at Rugby Park this afternoon in spectacular style, thumping Kilmarnock 6-0. Charlie Mulgrew and Gary Hooper both bagged braces, with Joe Ledley and Glenn Loovens also on target. The Celtic manager enjoyed a success-filled career as a Hoops player, lifting every domestic honour in Scottish football, many as captain, but he insisted that guiding the club to title glory topped them all.He said: “It`s the best day of my professional life. It`s been a long time coming.“It´s been two years in the waiting. I´m so proud of them. They deserve it. We have been the best team in Scotland by a long way and we have finished it in the right way.“I`ve been here 12 years and they`ve thrown everything at me,” he added. “I`m at the pinnacle now. I couldn`t have done it without the club, the players, fans and my family.“I follow in the footsteps of Martin O`Neill and Gordon Strachan, who had a great influence on my career.”THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE:Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said it was a day of pride – pride in the manager and his backroom staff, the players and, of course, the supporters. It was, as the Chief Executive told the official Celtic website, “a magnificent day of entertaining, winning football.“I´m very proud of Neil and what he´s achieved,” he continued. “I´m proud of Alan Thompson, Johan Mjallby, Garry Parker, Stevie Woods. It was a huge triumph for them today, particularly for Neil on the back of what he´s had to put up with in the past couple of years, and he´s won it – he´s now a championship-winning manager. “And our supporters were magnificent today, as they have been throughout this season, and there’s a smile on their faces – those who were there today, those who couldn’t make it, the millions of fans around the world.“Seeing how proud they are of their club is really satisfying because it’s been painful the past three years. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by when we haven’t thought about getting the title back where it truly belongs and thankfully we did that today.”Celtic secured the SPL title with a scintillating 6-0 victory over Kilmarnock at Rugby Park, and with the average age of the team just 23, the future looks bright for the club.“It’s a young team with a lot of ability and it’s a fantastic foundation to go forward with,” said Peter Lawwell. “But today’s not the end. We’ve got to move and get this great club back in the Champions League and perform there regularly, and we’ve got a great basis to do that. “I’m really proud of the players. They are young and what they’ve achieved is fantastic”And the Chief Executive also highlighted the togetherness which exists at Celtic, a quality which has helped deliver the SPL title back to Paradise.“There is a great unity at the club which is a tremendous strength,” he said, “and I’d like to pay credit to the board who have believed in us, stuck by us, guided us through this period.“And also to Dermot Desmond, whose wisdom, advice and patience over that period has been fantastic, so from the top through the management, the players, and supporters, there’s a magnificent unity at the club which is a real strength.“This is just the beginning. We have a duty to take this club as far as we can go. Hopefully everybody has a great day, a great weekend and celebrates a magnificent Celtic victory once again.”THE PARTY! TROPHY CELEBRATION TO SUIT DONEGAL FANS:CELTIC´S 6-0 victory over Kilmarnock at Rugby Park has confirmed Neil Lennon´s side as the SPL Champions for 2011/12. And the Hoops will be presented with the trophy at the final league game of the season.That match at Celtic Park on Sunday, May 13 against Hearts (KO: 12.30pm) is sure to be a special Celtic celebration and one that will see Paradise in party mood.The Hoops have two home games prior to the Hearts game – against Rangers on Sunday, April 29 (KO: 12.45pm) and then St Johnstone on Thursday, May 3 (KO: 7.45pm) – and it was felt that it was important to have as many Celtic fans as possible at the stadium for the trophy presentation.The derby game has a much larger visiting support than other home games, while the Thursday evening match would see many Celtic fans from further afield, in particular the large support which comes over from Ireland, miss out on this special occasion.Neil Lennon´s side have done themselves and the club proud with their magnificent title triumph, and Celtic Park will rise to acclaim them when they are presented with the trophy on May 13. This is just the beginning…DDTV VIDEO SPECIAL: HOOPS CHAMPIONS REACTION & VIDEO SPECIAL was last modified: April 7th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DDTV VIDEO SPECIAL: HOOPS CHAMPIONS REACTION & VIDEO SPECIALHOOPS CHAMPIONS REACTION & PICTURE SPECIALlast_img