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All confirmed away kits in the Premier League for next season ranked

first_img 10. Leicester City’s official away kit 2017/18 – The gold badge looks classy, but the detailing on the shoulders is patchy and really bring the overall quality down. 8. Swansea City’s official away kit 2017/18 – A throwback to their away kit from 2012/13, the green and red really shouldn’t work… but they really do. The main sponsor is quite striking in the white, and matches well with the badge and kit sponsor. 13 12. Manchester United’s official away kit 2017/18 – They’ve gone retro, but this kit just doesn’t work. The design is garish, mixing shades of grey rarely works, and the Chevrolet logo reigns supreme. Eurgh! 13 13 11. West Ham United’s official away kit 2017/18 – Despite a fantastic home shirt, West Ham’s away kit is below par. It’s just a bit dull honestly, and it’s never good when the most eye catching part of a kit is the sponsor. 13. Everton’s official away kit 2017/18 – click the arrow above, right, to take a look at where talkSPORT.com has ranked each officially released away strip for next season – A pyjama top? A training top? Whatever it is, this shirt is shocking. Even Kevin Mirallas looks like he’s forcing a smile wearing it. 13 13 13 13 13 13 6. Southampton’s official away kit 2017/18 – A smooth colour combination utilised well in stripes. The sponsor also looks good (for the first time since Virgin started sponsoring Saints) with the white minimalist design going on. 4. Crystal Palace’s official away kit 2017/18 – Just look at that stripe. It is so striking on the black chest. Even the sponsor doesn’t look too bad with the white trim. 5. Liverpool’s official away kit 2017/18 – Liverpool have gone retro like they did with their home kit, but this one is not as nice. The green and white checks are a classic, but they should have gone with a block of colour. The pin stripes make it look like the ink ran out during printing. 13 So they’re a little expensive, but that doesn’t stop many of us getting excited by new kit launches.Plenty have been released over the past couple of months in the Premier League and we’ve decided to rate, specifically, the away strips that have surfaced.Scroll through the gallery above to take a look at our ranking of each officially released away kit from England’s top flight for the 2017/18 season. 3. Tottenham Hotspur’s official away kit 2017/18 – Probably the most suave of all 2017/18 away kits, Spurs have outdone themselves. Like the home shirt the shield is fantastic, and deep shade of blue is wonderful. 7. Chelsea’s official away kit 2017/18 – Simple white is a nice, suave look… if a bit boring. The blue trim does add something, but it doesn’t look like Nike made that much effort. 9. Watford’s official away kit 2017/18 – The person adding the sash needs to learn how to find the centre of a design before working on any more kits. Still a nice shirt though. The shade of red is superb and the white trim looks lovely. 13 13 13 2. Stoke City’s official away kit 2017/18 – A lovely shade of blue with an excellent white collar. The red to white gradient on the front is a real nice touch. 1. West Bromwich Albion’s official away kit 2017/18 – Just gorgeous. The red and white combination is striking, and the use of black for the Adidas stripes and collar frame the front superbly.last_img read more