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Cabinet approves draft bill clearing way Oireachtas to set new abortion laws

first_img 390 Comments File photo of Minister Harris. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie Tuesday 20 Feb 2018, 5:16 PM Feb 20th 2018, 8:13 AM Updated at 5.15pmTHE CABINET HAS given its formal approval to the draft scheme of the bill that will form the basis of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.Health Minister Simon Harris has said that the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment will propose that the article in the Constitution that gives the equal right to life of the mother and the unborn child be deleted in its entirety.He also said that the referendum will propose that a new clause is inserted that makes it clear that the Oireachtas may legislate to regulate termination of pregnancy.“Today the Government took the next step on the road to a Referendum on the 8th Amendment,” Harris said in a statement.“The Cabinet gave formal approval for the draft General Scheme of the Bill, which will form the basis for the referendum on Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution to be held in late May this year.I now plan to finalise the Referendum Bill, so that the 36th Amendment to the Constitution Bill may be published in early MarchHe said that the exact date of the referendum will be set following a debate of the Bill in the Dáil and the Seanad.He said he was “confident that our timeline can be met” in relation to having the referendum in May.“For the first time since 1983 the Irish people are to have their say on the substantive issue of the 8th Amendment and whether it should be removed from our Constitution,” Harris said in a statement.“This follows recommendations from the Citizens Assembly and the cross-party Oireachtas committee, as well as a Government decision that a referendum be held.That referendum will propose that Article 40.3.3 is deleted in its entirety and a clause inserted that makes it clear that the Oireachtas may legislate to regulate termination of pregnancy.Harris – who has already said he will be campaigning to change Ireland’s abortion laws – reminded people that the Referendum must be passed and the Eighth Amendment repealed “if anything is to change for Irish women”.“We need to change the status quo, for this to happen we must repeal the 8th,” he said.It is important that we are clear that if the people of Ireland do not repeal article 40.3.3 we cannot legislate for fatal foetal abnormality, rape, incest or women’s health.Legislation He said that the Department of Health was currently drafting laws which would follow the repeal of the Eighth Amendment.“This legislation will be based on the recommendations made by the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment,” he said.I intend to publish a policy paper at the beginning of March which will outline what that legislation will include.In December, the Oireachtas committee on the Eighth – which was tasked with examining the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly on the subject – voted in favour of repealing the Eighth.It recommended for abortion without restriction to be legal up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Cross-party members came to the majority-decision after hearing testimony from medical and legal experts, as well as personal stories, over the course of three months.An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has already said that he would be campaigning for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment.It is understood that Tánaiste Simon Coveney told his Cabinet colleagues last month he could not support the 12-week provision.The actual question asked in the referendum may prove to be key, with many undecided people doubtless keen to know exactly what they will be voting on.A recent Sunday Independent poll suggested that 40% of those polled think there should be unrestricted abortion in Ireland up to 12 weeks, with 33% saying this goes too far, and 19% undecided.With reporting from Cormac FitzgeraldRead: Bertie Ahern says he’s been ‘talking to Simon Coveney’ about the ongoing Stormont talksRead: Sinn Féin says direct rule is ‘off the table’ as Varadkar speaks by phone to Theresa May By Cianan Brennan Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Cabinet approves draft bill clearing way Oireachtas to set new abortion laws if 8th is repealed The deadline for production of a final bill is 6 March. 20,153 Views Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie File photo of Minister Harris. https://jrnl.ie/3861251 Share227 Tweet Email last_img read more

Poll Should people be fined for putting the wrong rubbish in their

first_img I don’t know (601) THERE ARE PROPOSALS to impose fines for people who regularly put the wrong rubbish into green recycle bins.Panda Waste Management said that it would be trialling a new system on 12,000 households in Fingal, which will use cameras to record what waste is going in their trucks.The trial is in order to combat large amounts of general black bin waste – including food waste, nappies, and textiles – from being dumped into green bins.Green bins currently have no charge attached to them, while black bins cost money.The fine for those who contaminate their green bins regularly is yet to be finalised.So we’re asking: Do you think people should be fined for putting the wrong rubbish in their recycle bin? Feb 24th 2017, 9:25 AM Poll: Should people be fined for putting the wrong rubbish in their green bin? A third of all recycling waste is contaminated nationwide – that figure jumps to 40% in Dublin. YesNoI don’t knowVote By Gráinne Ní Aodha Yes (10694) Share393 Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Aleksandra Suzicenter_img 86 Comments Poll Results: No (3935) Friday 24 Feb 2017, 9:25 AM http://jrnl.ie/3256219 Image: Shutterstock/Aleksandra Suzi Short URL 29,894 Views last_img read more

World Record Six siblings in one Galway family reach 100

first_imgWorld Record: Six siblings in one Galway family reach 100 The family were awarded a Guinness World Record for having the most family members reach 100 years of age. Jan 14th 2017, 8:30 AM 64,189 Views Share Tweet Email25 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL 19 Comments center_img Saturday 14 Jan 2017, 8:30 AM By Christina Finn SIX MEMBERS OF this family from Loughrea in County Galway lived to see their 100th birthday, which relatives hope will mean another world record is on its way.In 2014, the family were awarded a Guinness World Record for having the most family members reach 100 years of age.Last week, Sheila Burns nee Clarke from Castlenancy, Mullagh, Loughrea, celebrated her 100th birthday. She is the youngest of her family of thirteen. Madge and Sheila (2012)Five of her family members previously reached 100 with Madge Fanning (Clarke) celebrating the milestone birthday last year.Her brother Joe Clarke was the first to reach the milestone in 2001. His brother Charlie followed in 2002, then Pat in 2003, Jimmy in 2006 and Madge in 2014.Speaking to TheJournal.ie, Madge’s son Joe Fanning said they have filed documents with the Guinness World Records again to update their award, which he was told would be pretty straight forward.“This time around it is a lot easier, as it is only one set of marriage, birth certificates etc I need to send away.”Fanning says the family were very close and led full lives. The Clarke family is made up of nine boys and four girls, six in the 100 club, four in the ninety, one in the eighty club, one in the seventy club and one in the fifty club.Charles Clarke (1902 – 2002) was taken by the Black and Tans in 1921 and was kept in the Curragh for over a year. “He was a founder member of An Garda Siochana in 1922, and was presented with his 100th birthday cheque from the Garda Commissioner in a ceremony in his honour,” explained Joe.Joe Clarke (1901 – 2002) died just one day after celebrating his 101st birthday, while his brother Pat Clarke (1903-2005) died seven months after celebrating his 101th.James (Jimmy) Clarke (1906-2009) emigrated to New York in 1927. “He left and Hubert, his brother followed. They knew that the small farm they had in Galway could not sustain the whole family so they did what many people did and left. Jimmy died in New York four months before his 103rd birthday.”Madge was born in 1914. She met her husband, a Dublin man called James and moved to Dublin to live in Skerries in 1937 where she opened a seaside shop.Sheila, the latest to enter the 100-year club was married and later moved to Portumna.She ran a grocery and butcher shop. She has lived in Portumna Retirement Village for the last eight years. Last weekend she celebrated her birthday with close family there. Margaret Clarke (Coen) – Sheila’s mother who died in 1975.The Clarke family go one step further, with Sheila’s mother also living until she was 101. However, she sadly died as a result of a motor crash.So what is their secret?Joe Fanning told TheJournal.ie he would also like to know.He said he has written to specialists in DNA testing to see if it is possible to see why his family have such longevity.My granny, (Madge’s mother who lived to be 101) always said everything in moderation is good for you,” he said, who said that tragically his grandmother died at 101 in a motor accident while out shopping for an outfit for one of her grandchildren’s weddings. At the time of her death she had seventy nine grandchildren. http://jrnl.ie/3185510 Clarke Family 1998 – Sheila, Madge, Cias, Jack and Cha, Hubert, James, Pat and Joe(Joe, Cha, Pat, James, Madge and Sheila – all reached the age of 100) Source: Eamon O’Daly“They were all just very easy going,” explained Joe, who added that his mother has no real answer to give as to why they live so long, other that they never got overly-excited or stressed out,” said Joe.Madge also said none of them were big drinkers, with some of them never touching a drink. The Clarke family.Read: ‘I forgot to give them a receipt’: James Reilly referred to gardaí by Sipo over €1k election donation>Read: John Halligan says he’s secured a mobile cath lab for Waterford hospital>last_img read more

President Higgins calls for fight against politics of fear and hatred while

first_imgPresident Higgins calls for fight against politics of fear and hatred while marking Holocaust Memorial Minister Flanagan said we must be vigilant in standing against fundamentalist ideologies. Jan 29th 2017, 7:00 AM http://jrnl.ie/3210846 “Remembering the Holocaust suggests an important lesson from which we can all draw wisdom: Remembering not only that, when fanned by fear and toxic prejudice, people are capable of unimaginable cruelty, but also that we must stay vigilant and have the courage to counter the rhetoric of fear-mongering and hatred.Today, let us recommit to the critical values of decency, equality, justice, tolerance and respect for our differences and our vulnerabilities. And let us recommit to the fight against the politics of fear and hatred, in all its forms. Fundamentalist IdeologiesThe Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan and the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald will attend today’s ceremony. Speaking before the commemoration Minister Flanagan said:“The National Holocaust Memorial Commemoration provides a very important opportunity for us to remember the lives of the millions of Jewish men, women and children, and the countless other individuals, who were targeted and murdered because who they were was abhorrent to an ideology that could not tolerate difference of any kind.“This important commemoration also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we have learned from the past. The Holocaust was a most extreme manifestation of intolerance and hatred which has left an indelible scar on humanity. It must never be forgotten.Unfortunately in today’s world, fundamentalist ideologies continue to target particular groups. We must be vigilant in standing against such hatred and to respond to it by building a world based on the ideals of respect and acceptance.The commemoration takes place on the Sunday nearest to 27 January, the date of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.Read: Refugees detained at airports after Trump bans them from entering US> 49 Comments Image: PA Wire/PA Images Short URL Image: PA Wire/PA Imagescenter_img Share Tweet Email A NATIONAL HOLOCAUST Memorial Day commemoration is being held at the Mansion House in Dublin today.The ceremony will include readings, survivors’ recollections and music.Candles will be lit in memory of the millions of innocent Jewish people, and others, tortured and murdered because of their religious belief, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic identity.President Michael D Higgins issued a statement to mark the memorial day, saying:“We remember the victims of the Nazi Holocaust – the millions of innocent men, women and children who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis because of their ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliations or their religious beliefs.In remembering, we are inviting each other to pay heed to the small and dwindling number of powerful voices of those who experienced and survived the Holocaust in person. Voices that implore us to never forget, and to learn the lessons history teaches us. By Cliodhna Russell 7,158 Views Sunday 29 Jan 2017, 7:00 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Government bill would end exemptions that allow child marriage

first_img http://jrnl.ie/3221694 By Gráinne Ní Aodha Feb 3rd 2017, 5:34 PM Share79 Tweet Email A NEW DOMESTIC Violence Bill, published today by Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald, aims to improve the protections available to people experiencing domestic abuse.This includes a repeal of exemptions which allow persons under the age of 18 to marry and provisions aimed at including the child’s opinion in proceedings relating to them.Among the changes provided by the bill are an emergency barring order that can last up to eight days; and the option of victims giving evidence by live television link so as to avoid the risk of intimidation.There are also plans to bring forward amendments to the Bill so it will apply to those in “intimate and committed” relationships but who are not cohabiting.June Tinsley, Head of Advocacy, Barnardos said that the inclusion of children’s voices was particularly welcome, as children have often been forgotten in the debate. The proposal of hearing their views and experiences through an expert in cases affecting them will improve judicial decisions. 16,651 Views Currently there are no facilities in which this contact can occur, and we know that sometimes the person who is the victim of domestic abuse has to supervise the contact themselves between their child and the abuser.Currently, the law states that you must be 18 to marry – unless you have an ‘Exemption Order’. An Exemption Order can be applied for at the Circuit Family Court, and granted if:There are good reasons for your applicationThe granting of such an Exemption Order is in the best interests of the parties to the intended marriage.The bill needs to be approved by the Oireachtas before it’s enacted.In 2013, 29 of the 21,770 marriages registered involved parties under the age of 18.Read: Police were called 2,738 times about domestic abuse over ChristmasRead: Russia has softened punishments for domestic abuse convictions Government bill would end exemptions that allow child marriage The bill needs to be approved by the Oireachtas before it’s enacted.center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article “However, clarity needs to be provided around who is considered a child’s view expert in this legislation and in the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015.”Tinsely said that there’s a real ‘dearth’ of services for those affected by domestic violence, which was another aspect that warranted greater scrutiny.“One such service needed is the establishment of child contact centres across the country where children can safely have supervised access in those cases where supervised access is court ordered. 23 Comments Friday 3 Feb 2017, 5:34 PM Image: Shutterstock Short URL Image: Shutterstocklast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Monday

first_img 8,929 Views EVERY MORNING, TheJournal.ie brings you the stories you need to know as you start your day.1. #LONDON: At least one person is dead after a suspected terror attack in London.2. #TERRORISM: There has been a surge in interest in Islamic State propaganda magazines from Irish internet users recently.3. #BREXIT: Talks between the UK and EU on Brexit get underway in Brussels today.4. #PASSING JUDGEMENT: Former Attorney General Máire Whelan will be appointed to the Court of Appeal today, despite mass political objection.5. #FRANCE: French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party has swept to a large majority in parliamentary elections.6. #JAPAN: The US Navy has identified the sailors killed in Saturday’s crash with a cargo ship.7. #SUICIDE: Ireland’s teen suicide rate is the fourth highest in the EU according to new figures.8. #PORTUGAL: Portugal is entering three days of mourning after a major forest fire claimed the lives of at least 62 people.9. #MALI: Two members of the Irish Defence Forces who were at a hotel in Mali that was attacked by suspected jihadists have been located and have returned to their local base. Monday 19 Jun 2017, 7:52 AM Jun 19th 2017, 7:52 AM The 9 at 9: Monday Here’s what you need to know as we start the week. By Paul Hosford Short URL Share Tweet Email 2 Comments http://jrnl.ie/3451289 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Rubbish is piling up on Athens streets as temperatures soar

first_img Share71 Tweet Email3 28 Comments https://jrnl.ie/3459043 Short URL 22,080 Views Thursday 22 Jun 2017, 8:35 PM By AFPcenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article After five days of strike of the waste collectors, the streets are almost entirely covered with refuse. Source: DPA/PA ImagesMOUNDS OF RUBBISH festered in rising temperatures in Athens today as thousands demonstrated in support of refuse collectors demanding the renewal of their contracts.Authorities said around 5,000 people gathered in central Athens, closing roads to traffic in the latest protest against austerity measures imposed by the country’s international creditors. Tension between Municipal waste collection workers and the police outside of the Greek parliament. Source: Aristidis Vafeiadakis/PA ImagesProtesters descended on Syntagma Square, which has become a crucible for popular discontent over Greece’s flailing economy.Refuse collectors in the capital have not done their rounds in three days due to a contract dispute, with unions suggesting 6,500 workers risk having their terms expire. Rubbish is piling up on Athens’ streets as temperatures soar Greek workers are protesting against staff shortages that have resulted from terminating hundreds of short-term contracts. Jun 22nd 2017, 8:35 PM Tension between Municipal waste collection workers and the police outside of the Greek parliament. Source: Aristidis VafeiadakisWith rubbish piling up across the city, Athens municipality urged residents not to take out their waste as temperatures topped 30 degrees by midday (10am Irish time).Similar protests were held in Greece’s second-largest city Thessaloniki and in Heraklion, the capital of Crete. A Greek union is holding a 24-hour strike to protest staff shortages that have resulted from the expiry of hundreds of short-term contracts. Source: SIPA USA/PA ImagesWaste management in Greece is a recurring source of contention due to a recruitment freeze and many workers being offered only temporary contracts.In Athens, refuse workers are calling for a new dump as the only current disposal site is deemed to be overfilled and a public health risk.© – AFP 2017Read: Church of England admits it ‘colluded and concealed’ sex abuse claims against a bishopRead: Donald Trump says he does not have tapes of that secret meeting with Comeylast_img read more

Paddy Barnes will probably retire after suffering shock defeat in US debut

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 17th 2019, 11:24 PM Paddy Barnes will ‘probably retire’ after suffering shock defeat in US debut war Barnes lost a split decision to unheralded Texan Oscar Mojica on the undercard of Michael Conlan’s Patrick’s Day card at MSG. Image: Frank Franklin II Barnes and Oscar Mojica waged war at Madison Square Garden. Image: Frank Franklin II By Gavan Casey https://the42.ie/4548435 Sunday 17 Mar 2019, 11:24 PM Barnes and Mojico trade stiff jabs. Source: Frank Franklin IIBarnes walked out to tune of U2′s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, which in itself got a rapturous reception before the sizeable crowd even realised it was a fighter’s entrance music.Walked to the ring by close friend Carl Frampton among others, and cheered on by Irish WWE star Balor at ringside, it was the Belfast man who found himself bloodied within seconds. A right hook by Mojica bust Barnes’ nose, painting his face red for the remainder of a testing opening round in which both men enjoyed their share of success.The second was an absolute war. An assault to the body, with Mojica delivering a ferocious left hook south of Barnes’ rib cage, sent the Irishman staggering backwards before he slumped to the canvas, grimacing, under the Texan’s weight. It was as legitimate a knockdown as the night is long, but incredibly the man in the middle ruled it a push on behalf of the justifiably furious Mojica. Thankfully for the Texan, it didn’t prove costly in the end.A belting encounter played out from there, Barnes occasionally coming to life and firing back in threes and fours to the guttural approval of those in attendance. But he seemed to be constantly chasing the contest instead of leading it.For every ‘Go on!’, there were two or three gasps as the physically larger and stronger Mojica landed at will, redecorating Barnes’ face with blood from his nose during almost every stanza.The self-styled ‘Leprechaun’ nearly took the roof off, and Mojica’s head with it, by way of a thudding overhand right in the closing stages, but didn’t really come close to finding a finishing blow. Barnes landed a massive right hand with seconds remaining. Source: Frank Franklin IIA thrilling encounter was awarded to the correct victor, with the Irish audience only half-heartedly booing the decision.A thrilled Mojica, meanwhile, paid his dues to Barnes.“It was really important for me [to hurt him with that body shot], even though they didn’t count it as a knockdown. It gave me confidence. I knew I could hurt him throughout the other rounds. I got a little away from my gameplan, but I stayed sharp for the most part. I deserved to win. If I win here in New York, Madison Square Garden, St. Patrick’s Day, and I came out with the win, it was because I deserved it. I give the most credit to Paddy Barnes. He’s a great fighter, ex-Olympian. He had an amazing career. 18 Comments 75,978 Views Gavan Casey reports from The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New YorkTHREE-TIME IRISH Olympian Paddy Barnes says he’ll “probably retire” from professional boxing after suffering a shock split-decision defeat to Oscar Mojica on his US debut at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater.The unheralded Texan Mojica, previously 11-5 with just one KO, scored what appeared to be a legitimate knockdown in the second round only to see it ruled a push by referee Danny Schiavone, but he was still awarded the contest on split scores of 58-56 x2, 56-58.Barnes, the naturally smaller man on the night, was battered and bloodied but fought gallantly, frequently bringing the 4,000-strong, Irish-heavy crowd to its feet.Despite moving up two divisions from flyweight to bantamweight, Barnes had been expected to take care of business against rank outsider Mojica in a bid to rebound from last summer’s stoppage defeat to Cristofer Rosales in a world title fight in Belfast.Instead, he was well beaten and saw his professional record drop to 5-2 (1KO). The two-time Olympic bronze medalist, 31, nodded and applauded the judges’ verdict in the American’s favour. Speaking post-fight, a distraught but brutally honest Barnes said:In the first round, he broke my nose. And to be honest, I don’t know how the judges scored it close because I thought he won every round. I’m too small for bantamweight, but to be honest with you, I’ll probably retire now. Is there any point in boxing on after a fight like that?“The fans are great, like, but at the end of the day it’s my health and all. If I’m going to box like that, there, what’s the point in boxing on?I strongly think this is it. I always thought if I lost again, I’d retire. The fight wasn’t even close. I thought he won every round. Barnes and Oscar Mojica waged war at Madison Square Garden. Share4 Tweet Email Short URLlast_img read more

I was absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because I

first_img Image: Michael Steele By Eoin O’Callaghan 5 Comments ALEX FERGUSON WAS bullish in advance of the clash. At the pre-game press conference, he spoke little of the opposition and instead listed off the various attributes of his fine side.But there was little escaping the elephant in the room and he was quickly asked how much he remembered from the 4-0 hammering his team received on their previous visit to FC Barcelona. “Nothing,” he replied, with a heavy hint of sarcasm. But despite his attempts to play down the reference, the coverage surrounding the Group A fixture was dominated by exorcism-focused copy and how United were out for revenge.Writing in The Guardian, David Lacey offered up a delicious opening paragraph that recalled the nightmarish encounter from the first week of winter in 1994.  Dwight Yorke scores to put Manchester United 3-2 ahead at the Camp Nou in November, 1998. Image: Michael Steele https://the42.ie/4591026 Short URL Four years ago Manchester United retreated from the Nou Camp Stadium here with their tails so far between their legs that the team could have been renamed Manx United. Not only had they been beaten 4-0 by Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona but, as learning processes go, this one ranked with the roasting scene in Tom Brown’s Schooldays.”Fergie wasn’t the only survivor from that evening quizzed on his memories.“It was probably my worst experience in Europe,” Denis Irwin offered.“We were absolutely battered, and it was one of those nights when you could say we were lucky to get nil.”Infamously, in front of 110,000, Romario and Hristo Stoichkov cut United to pieces. The attacking duo combined for three goals while diminutive full-back Albert Ferrer got in on the act late on.“We were well and truly slaughtered,” Ferguson said afterwards, the result substantially contributing to the team’s subsequent group-stage exit from the competition.    But, in November ’98, things were a lot closer. As it turned out, the teams shared six goals – just as they had done back at Old Trafford a few months earlier – in what proved a Champions League classic.With just over 20 minutes to go, it looked like United would claim a superb victory as Dwight Yorke headed home David Beckham’s expert cross at the near post to put them 3-2 ahead. But, just four minutes later, Rivaldo – who’d earlier given Peter Schmeichel the eyes and wrong-footed him with an expert free-kick – drifted between Jaap Stam and Gary Neville, chested down with his back to goal, flung himself in the air and planted an outrageous overhead kick in the same corner from eight yards. Rivaldo conjured a moment of brilliance to secure a 3-3 draw in November ’98 and cost Curtis a substantial win bonus. Source: Tom HonanIt rubbished an opinion Ferguson shared with the press ahead of the game.     Without Romario, Barcelona no longer have a player who can conjure goals out of nothing.”In fact, Rivaldo was the width of a crossbar away from claiming a hat-trick and all three points for his side as the hosts finished with a flourish. And over two decades later, John Curtis still wryly recalls the frustrations and irritations following the Brazilian’s spellbinding display.The full-back, who’d already made a couple of first-team appearances, was part of the United squad that night and watched on from the bench alongside another highly-regarded young player, Mark Wilson.  “The TV footage painted a great picture of my emotions, and Willo’s too,” Curtis tells The42 with a laugh.  “It was an incredible game of football but me and Willo were absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because we lost our win bonus because of it. So, when the cameras panned to the bench, we looked absolutely devastated.”I think it was ten grand but it might have even been as much as twenty. It was a significant amount of money for players earning about a £1000 a week. It made a difference. I’ll put it this way: I basically paid for my first house from my Champions League bonuses. When you were on the bench, you got half. I think you had to appear to get the whole thing. The beauty of it was that you had seven subs. Very often, I may not have been a sub for a Premier League game because they were only five spots. But, in the Champions League, there was a good chance I could make the bench. It mattered a lot to a bunch of 18 and 19-year-old kids.”“But, regardless of that, what a fantastic experience for a kid to be involved in that kind of environment. It was front row seats to an amazing game. It wasn’t just a fantastic occasion for both clubs but for the competition on a wider scale. It’s regarded as a classic, really. I think there are certain stadiums that have something special and a character that’s difficult to replicate. Old Trafford has that, the Camp Nou has that – they are giant arenas, iconic venues. They have so much history about them. But as a player, you don’t really think about it much.”“The difference between playing in the Camp Nou and playing against Chesterfield in League Two?” Curtis asks rhetorically, already laughing. “When the fans are abusing you it gets pretty personal and you can hear every word.”  Curtis was a key part of United’s FA Youth Cup win in 1995 and was voted the club’s best young player two years later. Inevitably, the accolade dovetailed with a promotion to the fringes of the first-team and though opportunities were scarce owing to the dominance of Gary Neville, he remained a valuable member of the squad as Ferguson desperately tried to crack the Champions League puzzle. “By 1998/99, I think it was a culmination of the younger lads having gained a bit more experience and nous and know-how regarding how to play that type of European tie…and the management as well, to an extent,” Curtis says.  John Curtis was on the fringes at Old Trafford as Fergie developed his Treble-winning team. Source: Tony Marshall“Because it was such a different thing. United played 4-4-2 consistently and it was pretty rigid, particularly in the early days of the Champions League. The gaffer very rarely changed it and it was only later on that he started to pack the midfield more. The philosophies were such that you didn’t change anything and United suffered in the early days because of that – against a Juventus or Barca that knew how to deal with European competition.”In ’99, United were in an unusual situation.Having finished as Premier League runners-up, they had to come through a qualifying tie against LKS Lodz before reaching the group stage. And because it was a 24-team format, the six group winners and only the two best runners-up progressed to the quarter-finals. With United drawn alongside Barcelona and Bayern Munich, there was a decent chance they wouldn’t finish top. So, numbers were potentially important. In six group games, United only won twice but they racked up 20 goals, easily the best tally of any team in the tournament. Bayern topped the group and United finished second but when it came to ranking the best runners-up, it was Real Madrid and United who moved on. Ultimately, the goal difference wasn’t required but Ferguson’s side had a natural attacking prowess that wasn’t exactly being tamed.        “United were just dominant at the time,” Curtis says.I don’t want to say they were head and shoulders ahead because Arsenal were running them close domestically but they were at the very top of their game. And there was a philosophy to attack, to take the game to the opposition, to be on the front foot all the time. And in both games against Barca in the Champions League, it was two teams with the same mentality. Even the famous goal that Coley scored at the Camp Nou…Him and Yorkie were friends off the field. They had a telepathic understanding and we saw that all the time. The combination play from them…that type of goal constantly happened in training. It was just a regular event.”“The format has changed a little bit as well so that means it’s less likely to get those types of score-lines anymore. You take the game last week and it was so cagey. United were almost set up to lose 1-0, knowing that if they go to Barca that they’ll have a chance with an away goal.”  Curtis says Andy Cole’s memorable goal at the Camp Nou illustrated United’s attacking philosophy and how they were keen to remain on the front foot in every game. Source: Michael SteeleThat night in Barcelona was the closest Curtis would come to a Champions League appearance that season, narrowly missing out for the final against Bayern Munich. But, returning to the Camp Nou on that fateful May evening he – like so many others – was caught cold by the stunning finale.       “I was in the squad but just didn’t make the bench,” he says. “It was me and Jordi (Cruyff) who missed out. Jonno (Jonathan Greening) and Wes Brown got picked ahead of us. So we were watching the game from the stands and me and Jordi looked at each other and said, ‘Right, will we head to the dressing rooms so we can commiserate with the lads?’ And we leave our seats to go down and the first goal goes in. There’s this massive roar and we run back up the stairwell and see everyone celebrating. And we think, ‘Wow, brilliant. 1-1. Let’s go down to pitch level and watch the rest of it from the tunnel’. Because Jordi was ex-Barca he knew the stadium and where everything was. So, we go down again and there’s another massive roar and we’ve won the game. So we actually missed both goals.” Curtis still gets a tingle thinking on the memories from twenty years ago. Big games, big players, big expectations, big pressure. But, he’s quick to point out that he’d actually experienced all of that from the day he signed for the club in 1993. “Because I’d come through the ranks, you don’t think of it any differently because you’re bred to be in that environment and to understand what’s required,” he says. “You know the pressure on you. Even when you’re playing as a kid, everyone wants to beat you. You were the big boys and it’s something Manchester United have faced forever because they’re the biggest club in the country. As a player coming through the system, it becomes second nature to you. It’s only when you step away from the environment that you can look back and think, ‘Wow, that’s something special’. But I remember Jonno (Greening) joining from York and he was completely blown away when he arrived. He wasn’t bred in it so he’d comment on how different it was, in terms of his previous experience. And I’m sure certain players who signed from smaller clubs would say the same thing.”   Curtis (far left), celebrates with his United team-mates – including current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – in February 1999. Source: Barry CoombsAfter a loan spell with Barnsley, Curtis left United permanently in 2000 and signed with Blackburn. Later, there were stints with Leicester and Nottingham Forest but he’s now based in the United States and is the founder and technical director of the National Center of Excellence (NCE) where he specialises in developing underage talent.He’s watched with interest as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returned to the club and initially instilled a long-forgotten optimism and positivity. Curtis admits he under-estimated the Norwegian when they first met in 1996 and was taught a harsh lesson in misplaced instincts.Still, he feels the club’s recent run of form shows his former team-mate still has a lot of work to do and that the hard questions are already being asked.     “I remember Ole walking through The Cliff and I was sat there with the other young kids and I’m thinking, ‘Who’s this guy?’” he says.“Personally, I completely underestimated him as a player and he went on to prove me completely wrong. And the same with him as a manager. When he was announced I was on TalkSport radio and I was asked whether he was the man to bring back the glory days and the Premier Leagues, the European Cup triumphs, the domination and I was like, ‘No, but could he be part of a team to bring success back? Yeah, absolutely.’ At the time, it was all about Pochettino and Zidane. But what he’s done has been amazing. Again, he’s surprised me. They’re having a bit of a dip right now so it’s amazing how quickly things can change but he’s had a massive affect on turning things around.”Sir Alex is a massive influence on him so he’s experienced the ruthlessness and the steely coldness that you need to be a top manager. But the honeymoon is over. It’s going to take a lot more than just making everyone relaxed and playing with smiles on their faces. His test really begins now, doesn’t it?”                       Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Subscribecenter_img Dwight Yorke scores to put Manchester United 3-2 ahead at the Camp Nou in November, 1998. 41,958 Views Apr 15th 2019, 8:00 PM Share2 Tweet Email ‘I was absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because I lost my win bonus’ John Curtis was a Manchester United youngster back in 1998 when the side played out a Champions League classic against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. Monday 15 Apr 2019, 8:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Baillieus budget bad for seniors says Mikakos

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The cost of living pressures faced by older Victorians was overlooked in Premier Ted Baillieu’s second budget, according to the Shadow Minister for the Cost of Living Lily D’Ambrosio and Shadow Minister for the Seniors and Ageing Jenny Mikakos. In a statement to the press, Ms D’Ambrosio pointed out that senior Victorians will get an average increase to their pensioners’ rebate of just two per cent, which is drastically below the forecast rate of inflation and because of this “Ted Baillieu is hurting older Victorians”. “Mr Baillieu’s budget, far from addressing the spiralling cost of living for older Victorians, has made it harder on them through this miserly increase,” Ms D’Ambrosio said. Ms Mikakos went as far to say that Mr Baillieu had “simply given up on cutting the cost of living”. “If this government cared about easing the cost of living for senior Victorians, Mr Baillieu wouldn’t have broken his promise,” Ms Mikakos said. “When provided the opportunity in a parliamentary committee to explain why seniors will be stuck with a rebate that is far below inflation, the Premier failed to answer the question. “Seniors are already paying more for public transport fares, and stamp duty and car registration.”last_img read more

Educators support mandatory genocide education

first_imgThe mandatory study of the Holocaust for year 10 students in 2014 may open the door for Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide to be studied in Australian schools, according to the Australian Hellenic Educators Association. History teacher and AHEA President Dr Panayiotis Diamadis said: “this decision provides scope for Australian students to learn about the Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide as a precursor to the Jewish Genocide two decades later”. The Hellenic and Jewish Genocides are a part of Australian history and deserve a place in the Australian History Curriculum. ANZACs witnessed the Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides during World War One. ANZACs rescued survivors across the Middle East in 1917 and 1918. When they returned home, a number of ANZACs assisted in the humanitarian relief effort. Leading members of the Australian Jewish community such as Sir Samuel Sidney Cohen were involved in the Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic relief effort in the 1920s. When the Nazis seized power in Germany, these same people set about getting German and Austrian Jews to safety. Between the 1910s and the 1960s, tens of thousands of genocide survivors found safe haven in Australia: Hellenes, Armenians, Assyrians, and Jews. The Australian Hellenic Educators’ Association NSW-ACT-QLD will be working with the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia, the Armenian National Committee, the Assyrian Universal Alliance as well as the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and the Sydney Jewish Museum on this exciting initiative. The effort will be to produce appropriate classroom resources and activities highlighting the role genocide has played in the Australian story in the last century. This effort will not be restricted to the history classroom – it will be extended across the curriculum to languages, visual arts and English. Education is the best way to prevent future genocides. This is why the recent NSW Board of Studies announcement is of such importance: by studying genocide and its impacts, we learn about the forces that shaped Australia and the world. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Tour honours Anzac story in Greece

first_imgFor the ultimate Anzac Centenary experience with a Hellenic twist, a 12-day guided tour to Greece in April was launched this week, offering deep insights into the remarkable role played by the island of Lemnos in particular in the Gallipoli legend.Organised by the World Hellenic InterParliamentary Association, the tour, which begins on April 17, will immerse those taking part in every aspect of the island’s relationship to the Dardanelles campaign, with interpretive events at key locations and what will be immensely moving commemorations at the East Mudros Bay and Portianou war cemeteries on the island.Lemnos, in the northern Aegean, was the principal assembly point and supply-base for the Gallipoli landings in April 1915.With participants joining official parliamentarians, the tour program will include exclusive access to official events on Royal Australian Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy vessels and attendance at civic receptions.After four days on Lemnos the tour moves to the mainland, where a second generation of Anzacs fought in April 1941, and will visit the town of Vevi, where Australian forces were defeated in the opening days of the German invasion of Greece.On Anzac Day itself, the tour will be in the Greek capital in time for the dawn service at Phaleron War Cemetery, followed by a reception held by the Australian Embassy.An extended five-day tour to Crete beginning on April 28 will take in the main Battle of Crete sites.Tour organiser John Pandazopoulos told Neos Kosmos that the trip will be a unique opportunity to gain a unique insight into the historic events that took place on the island, and a chance to visit other key ANZAC sites in Greece.“This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the special relationship forged between Greece and Australia in wartime,” said Mr Pandazopoulous, the former Victorian state MP.“It is going to be a very special trip. The Australian and NZ embassies in Greece are of course pulling out all the stops to make the official events spectacular.”Mr Pandazopoulos has been a vocal campaigner in efforts to lobby the Greek state and regional authorities to embrace the concept of an ‘ANZAC trail’ – to promote sites of historical significance – and the many unmarked battlefield sites where Australian and New Zealand troops fought.The cost of the 12-day tour – organised by licenced agent Anzac Tours in Greece – starts at $3,480 (€2,390) with a single supplement of $860 (€590). The tour fee includes accommodation in four and five-star hotels, coach travel and guides.For further information and the tour brochure contact John Pandazopoulos on 0408 3100733. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Cyprus signs military deal with Russia

first_imgCyprus signed a deal with Russia allowing its navy ships to make regular port calls on the island.The deal with European Union member Cyprus, which also hosts British military bases, comes amid Russia-West tensions over Ukraine, the worst since the Cold War times.Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with visiting Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades that the agreement would primarily refer to Russian navy ships involved in international counter-terrorism and anti-piracy efforts. He added that military cooperation between Russia and Cyprus isn’t directed against any third party.“Our friendly ties aren’t aimed against anyone,” Putin said. “I don’t think it should cause worries anywhere.”Russia has sought permission for navy ships to use ports in various parts of the world to replenish supplies and undergo maintenance, deals that would allow Moscow to expand its global military presence.Russian ships already have made port calls at Limassol, but the new agreement apparently aims to create a more solid legal basis for that.Speaking to Tass news agency before his trip to Moscow, Anastasiades said that Cyprus and Russia were also discussing a possibility for Russian planes to use an air base near Pathos for humanitarian relief missions.Source: AP Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Brimbank deputy mayor becomes the voice for victims of violence

first_imgAs a survivor of violence herself, Brimbank deputy mayor Georgina Papafotiou is determined to raise awareness on this pressing issue, by becoming an advocate for all victims.Cr Papafotiou went as far as to offer the Council’s meeting an insight into her own experience in an effort to shed more light onto the challenges individuals in her position face that more often than not become barriers preventing people from speaking out.“Having experienced violence, I know the challenges women face in seeking support and protection,” Cr Papafotiou said.“I’m proud that I spoke up and sought assistance as this problem doesn’t belong to one individual or one level of government. It’s up to all of us to affect change. No woman should feel alone when she experiences violence. Every woman should feel safe to protect herself and her family.”Georgina PapafotiouIn the last year alone Brimbank City Council undertook more than 40 activities to advance gender equity and prevent violence against women and children in the community, however, the councillor clarified, “it is a matter that not only concerns women and children, but men as well.”Stressing that lack of understanding remains a problem to this day regardless of how many times the issue is brought to the spotlight, speaking to Neos Kosmos Cr Papafotiou said that significant investment is needed from the top tiers of government to help support services and programs at the coalface, “There is only so much that can be done on a local level. “Despite our best efforts, local government is limited in its capacity to bring about lasting change,” Cr Papafotiou noted, applauding the work of the late Fiona Richardson MP and the inroads she has made to improve prevention and intervention.Again, Cr Papafotiou highlighted that the state government needs to maintain this momentum so that prevention and early intervention results in a major reduction in violence against all Victorians: women, children and men.The councillor feels honoured to be in a position where she can voice the concerns of individuals suffering similar predicaments. For Cr Papafotiou, violence comes in many forms not just domestic and goes all the way beyond relationships to include cyber-bullying, stalking, harassment, threatening, bullying, sexual assault and more.“It’s so important that victims are provided the support and confidence to say ‘NO’ to violence and to have the protection and safety to do so,” she explained. “I believe that the more attention we bring to this issue, the closer we will come to improving outcomes for all. We have to keep talking and take action as a community. I will continue to approach ministers, shadow ministers, senators and service providers to explore ways and to achieve legislative change to protect all of us. I encourage all victims to reach out for support!” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Number of cases of West Nile virus in Attica increases

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram West Nile virus has been spreading widely in recent years, while it has been established in Greece following an increase in mosquito populations migrating from Africa.Even though it is called West Nile, as its symptoms were fist categorised and isolated in Uganda, the virus reportedly afflicts people and livestock in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.Another six municipalities in Attica were added to the areas that have reported cases of the West Nile virus this summer while cases have been documented in at least 39 municipalities, including central suburbs like Kallithea, Egaleo and Piraeus.Last year, only 10 municipalities reported cases of the virus which has infected at least 77 people from May 31 until August 20, claiming five lives in Attiki alone.The virus has also infected people in Viotia, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Evia, Imathia, Pella, Corinth, Kilkis and Rethymno.Greece’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control (KEELPNO) is expected to release its latest report this week.last_img read more

Cyclone Oli les populations évacuées Tahiti et Moorea en alerte rouge

first_imgCyclone Oli : les populations évacuées, Tahiti et Moorea en alerte rougePolynésie – Comme le redoutait le Haut-commissariat, la dépression tropicale Oli s’est transformée en cyclone, déclenchant le passage à l’alerte rouge à Tahiti et Moorea.Après avoir frappé l’île de Bora Bora où 700 touristes bloqués ont été mis en sécurité dans trois hôtels, le cyclone Oli menace désormais Tahiti et Moorea. Ces deux îles sont passées en alerte rouge, a indiqué le Haut-commissariat, et la circulation y est interdite depuis mercredi soir.Au moins 400 personnes ont dû être évacuées sur ces deux îles, en particulier les habitants des bords de mer et des embouchures de rivières où les vagues pourraient atteindre sept mètres.Passé jeudi matin à proximité des îles deBora Bora, Maupiti et Raiatea, dans l’archipel des Iles Sous le Vent, Oli a détruit de nombreuses habitations et des pontons. A Raiatea, “des poteaux électriques ont aussi été arrachés et nous n’avons plus d’électricité”, a raconté Dominique Goche, adjoint au maire. Aucun mort n’est à déplorer, seules quelques personnes auraient été légèrement blessées.À lire aussiVague de froid : qu’est-ce que la température ressentie ?A Tahiti, des vents de 100 km/h avec des pointes à 150 km/h sont attendus, de même que des creux de 7 à 8 mètres en mer, a indiqué Eric Spitz, secrétaire général du Haut-commissariat.L’armée a tenté d’évacuer plusieurs îles telles que Tetiaroa, un atoll situé au nord de Tahiti. Mais elle s’est heurtée à de nombreux refus de la part des habitants qui ne veulent pas quitter leur maison.Le 4 février 2010 à 15:51 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Nintendo fête ses 10 millions de Wii vendues au Japon

first_imgNintendo fête ses 10 millions de Wii vendues au JaponJapon – La console phare de Nintendo vient de passer la barre symbolique des 10 millions d’exemplaires vendus au Japon. C’est en seulement trois ans que cette étape a été franchie sur le territoire nippon.Lancées en décembre 2006, 10 millions de Wii ont aujourd’hui envahi le Japon : 1 million d’exemplaires ont été vendus entre le mois de décembre 2009 et le mois de février 2010.Nintendo peut se féliciter d’avoir battu sur ses terres ses concurrents Sony et Microsoft, puisque la PS3 n’a séduit que 5 millions de Japonais tandis que la Xbox 360 ne s’est écoulée qu’à 1,2 million d’exemplaires sur l’archipel.Mais le record le plus impressionnant est toujours détenu par la PS2 car, si la Wii a été la console la plus rapide à franchir la barre des 5 millions d’unités vendues au pays du soleil levant, il n’a fallu que 2 ans et 7 mois à la grande sœur de la PS3 pour atteindre les 10 millions d’exemplaires vendus. Le 2 mars 2010 à 16:32 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Les Anonymous responsables du piratage des réseaux de Sony

first_imgLes Anonymous, responsables du piratage des réseaux de Sony ?Suite à plusieurs cyberrataques sur ses réseaux et au vol massif de données privées d’utilisateurs, Sony cherche par tous les moyens à savoir qui sont les coupables. Le président du groupe japonais a laissé entendre que le groupe des Anonymous pourrait être à l’origine du piratage.”Quand Sony Online Entertainment a découvert que des données de ses serveurs (PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment et Qriocity, ndlr) avaient été volées, il a aussi découvert que les intrus avaient installé un dossier sur l’un de ces serveurs au titre ‘Anonymous’ avec les mots ‘Nous sommes légion'”, a souligné Kazuo Hirai, président de Sony Computer Entertainment, dans une lettre adressée au Congrès américain (lien non disponible), avant d’ajouter : “Quelques semaines plus tôt, plusieurs sociétés Sony avaient été visées par une vaste attaque coordonnée de déni de service lancée par le groupe Anonymous (…) pour protester contre des poursuites lancées par Sony contre un pirate”. À lire aussiProduits ménagers, Afrique et obésité, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 15 avrilPourtant le groupe de hackers rejette vivement ces accusations. “Nous ne cherchons pas à dérober des informations bancaires, notre objectif est politique”, a expliqué un Anonymous au Nouvel Observateur. Un autre membre du groupe s’interroge : “Si [un Anonymous] était vraiment responsable, pourquoi aurait-il torpillé le groupe en créant ce dossier ?”.Sony précise alors qu’il a seulement “suggéré” que ces hacktivistes pourraient être les auteurs des cyberattaques. Le groupe se garde bien d’en tirer des conclusions définitives.Selon le Nouvel Observateur, le service PSN qui avait été mis hors ligne après la détection de la cyberattaque devrait être à nouveau accessible progressivement “ce week-end”.Le 5 mai 2011 à 17:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Une mosquée écologique dotée déoliennes en Allemagne

first_imgUne mosquée écologique dotée d’éoliennes en AllemagneUne petite communauté musulmane de Norderstedt, près de Hambourg, entend construire une mosquée respectueuse de l’environnement. Dotée d’éoliennes, qui seront construites dans ses deux minarets, cette mosquée devrait coûter quelque 2,5 millions d’euros.La communauté musulmane de Norderstedt, près de Hambourg en Allemagne, a pour projet de construire la première mosquée à énergie renouvelable du pays, rapporte 20 minutes. Le bâtiment sera équipé de deux éoliennes qui prendront place dans les deux minarets de la mosquée, s’élevant à vingt-deux mètres de hauteur.À lire aussiAllemagne : trois fossiles retrouvés imbriqués l’un dans l’autreLe projet a été imaginé par l’architecte Selcuk Ünyilmaz, pour qui les bâtiments écologiques n’ont plus aucun secret. “Je cherchais comment on pouvait intégrer l’écologie dans l’architecture sacrée. Mon design combine la modernité et la tradition et j’ai voulu donner une fonction contemporaine aux minarets”, a-t-il expliqué. Grâce à ses éoliennes, la mosquée assurera de façon autonome un tiers de ses besoins en électricité. Le projet a reçu le feu vert des autorités. Mais le financement, lui, n’a pas encore été trouvé. Toutefois, Selcuk Ünyilmaz se dit très optimiste alors que l’Allemagne a décidé de sortir du nucléaire d’ici à 2022, pour le remplacer en grande partie par les énergies renouvelables. Cette éco-mosquée n’est pas unique en son genre. A Londres, une mosquée dotée d’éoliennes est déjà en cours de construction. Le chantier devrait être achevé avant le coup d’envoi des Jeux olympiques de 2012.Le 18 juin 2011 à 20:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Sony le PSN enfin de retour au Japon

first_imgSony : le PSN enfin de retour au JaponSi les Européens ont depuis plusieurs semaines à nouveau accès au PlayStation Network (PSN), suspendu après un vaste piratage, les Japonais devront encore attendre jusqu’au mercredi 6 juillet pour accéder aux services dont ils sont privés depuis le mois d’avril.Le 6 juillet, le PSN devrait être enfin totalement rétabli, partout dans le monde. Victime d’une attaque informatique de grande ampleur au mois d’avril, Sony avait suspendu les services de son portail afin d’en revoir la sécurité. Si le PSN et Qriocity, le service de Sony proposant des vidéos et de la musique en ligne, sont rétablis depuis plus d’un mois aux Etats-Unis et en Europe, ce n’est pas le cas au Japon.À lire aussiAu Japon, des colonies de termites prospèrent sans le moindre mâleLe ministre du commerce, de l’économie et de l’industrie japonais a ordonné à Sony de revoir sérieusement sa sécurité. Il semble que ce soit désormais chose faite puisque toutes les fonctionnalités du PSN seront accessibles mercredi dans le pays du soleil levant. Pour compenser la longue suspension de ses services en ligne, Sony promet des lots de consolation à ses utilisateurs japonais, comme il l’avait fait dans les autres pays. Les clients nippons devraient ainsi se voir offrir des téléchargements gratuits, et un mois de souscription gratuite au PSN.Les données de quelque 77 millions de comptes du portail PlayStation Network avaient été volées en avril. Le mois suivant, des informations sur 25 millions d’utilisateurs du réseau de jeux Sony Online Entertainment PC étaient à leur tour dérobés.Le 4 juillet 2011 à 19:01 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more