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Province Creates Crown Corporation for Investment Program

first_imgNova Scotia has created a new Crown corporation that will allow the province to access federal funds to provide financial assistance for economic development projects. Participation in the federal Immigrant Investor Program means the province can provide loans of at least $1 million for projects that contribute to government’s economic development plan, Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity. Nova Scotia companies and organizations can submit proposals in areas such as export development, information technology, environmentally sustainable infrastructure, manufacturing and production. To administer this program, the province has established the Nova Scotia Strategic Opportunities Fund Inc., as a Crown corporation and authorized the corporation to accept funds from the federal government. The corporation’s board of directors will oversee the portfolio and designate loans. Under the federal program, qualified foreign investors can make an investment of $400,000 in return for the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. The federal government loans this money to provinces for investing and the provinces return the $400,000 in five years. The federal government then returns the funds to the investor. Nova Scotia is one of six provinces participating in the program. There is no impact on the provincial surplus or net direct debt anticipated as a result of this program. The financial statements of the fund will be consolidated in the public accounts of the province. Organizations can apply for funding through the Department of Economic Development and can access application guidelines at www.gov.ns.ca/econ/business/docs/NSSOFI_Financing_Guidelines.pdf . For more information on the Immigrant Investor Program visit www.ci.gc.ca/english/immigrate/business/investors/index.asp .last_img read more

Alanis Morissettes manager jailed for 6 years for stealing more than 7

first_imgAdvertisement Schwartz was sentenced Wednesday to six years in federal prison for embezzling more than $7 million (U.S.) from Morissette and others after the singer made a pitch for a lengthy and severe sentence saying he stole more than her money — he stole her dreams. Facebook Advertisement Advertisement Singer Alanis Morissette, left, arrives with attorney Allen Grodsky at U.S. federal court for the sentencing in the embezzlement case of her former manager Jonathan Todd Schwartz, Wednesday.  (CHRIS PIZZELLO / CHRIS PIZZELLO/INVISION/AP)  .Schwartz, 47, who blamed his gambling addiction for the thefts, wept and apologized at the hearing, saying he took full responsibility for his “stupid” behaviour and would live in shame because of it.“I will spend the rest of my life asking for forgiveness,” he said in seeking less than a year in prison. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Prosecutors sought just over five years in prison, but U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee said she thought Schwartz deserved more time for the “sheer audaciousness of this conduct.”Gee noted that she has criticized federal sentencing guidelines as draconian, but said they weren’t harsh enough in this case. Schwartz’s gambling addiction may explain the wire fraud and tax crimes, but didn’t excuse them, she said. She ordered him to pay $8.6 million in restitution. LOS ANGELES—Alanis Morissette’s meteoric rise to fame put her in need of someone who could wisely invest her fortune for her future.She thought she found that person in Jonathan Todd Schwartz, a money manager to the stars, who earned her trust and assured her that her nest egg was secure and growing.But even as she was repaying the favour by singing her hits at a benefit for a charity Schwartz founded, he was pocketing royalties from her hit 1995 record “Jagged Little Pill” and other albums. “He did this in a long, systematic, drawn-out and sinister manner,” Morissette said, adding it would have bankrupted her within three years had the thefts continued. Login/Register With: Jonathan Todd Schwartz, left, former business manager for singer Alanis Morissette, arrives with his attorney Nathan Hoffman at U.S. federal court. Schwartz pleaded guilty earlier this year after admitting he embezzled more than $7 million from the singer and other celebrities.  (CHRIS PIZZELLO / CHRIS PIZZELLO / INVISION / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)  .Schwartz admitted stealing nearly $5 million from Morissette between May 2010 and January 2014 and more than $2 million from five unnamed clients when he worked at GSO Business Management, a firm that touted relationships with entertainers such as Katy Perry, 50 Cent and Tom Petty.Schwartz was a high-flying partner making $1.2 million a year, according to court papers. The thefts struck a blow to the firm’s reputation that led to nearly a dozen layoffs and is expected to cost it $20 million, according to founder Bernard Gudvi.The embezzlement was discovered by a new money manager Morissette hired after she couldn’t get a straight answer from Schwartz about her investments.“It was at this time, I realized he also stole my dreams,” said Morissette, dressed in a black blazer, black pants and with her hair dyed blond.When GSO was contacted about the apparent theft, Schwartz made “wild accusations” Morissette was a drug addict and mentally unstable, Gudvi said. Schwartz also falsely claimed Morissette had invested the money in an illegal marijuana growing business.“As the walls were closing in on the scheme to steal client funds … he was unable to turn away from the lies,” Gudvi wrote to the court.The thefts financed “a lavish and luxurious lifestyle even beyond the means of the people he was stealing from,” Morissette said. “He had us all fooled.”Schwartz, who was fired, had offered financial guidance to some of the biggest stars and was said to represent Beyonce and Mariah Carey, who both appeared at a fundraiser last year in support of a heart disease charity he founded.Schwartz penned a mea culpa in The Hollywood Reporter recently, saying his crimes ruined his family and career. He said his father was a gambling addict who abandoned his family and he sought refuge in sports betting and drugs to deal with the stress from his business.“If I lost, then I had to make it back and when I lost again, the hole I had dug got deeper and deeper,” he wrote. “I felt weak and powerless, terrified by my internal demons that I was turning into my father.”Assistant U.S. Attorney Ranee Katzenstein disputed that Schwartz was a gambling addict or that he had come clean when he was caught.Schwartz “did not ‘reveal, reform, and rehabilitate’ as soon as his crimes were discovered; he lied, blamed others,” Katzenstein wrote. “He did not acknowledge that he’d committed a crime until after the government had put together its case and he had no other choice.” Twitterlast_img read more

World Bank cuts forecast for world economic growth in 2019

first_imgWASHINGTON — The World Bank is downgrading its outlook for the global economy this year, citing rising trade tension, weakening manufacturing activity and growing financial stress in emerging-market countries.The anti-poverty agency expects the world economy to grow 2.9 per cent in 2019, down from the 3 per cent it forecast back in June. It would be the second straight year of slowing growth: The global economy expanded 3 per cent last year and 3.1 per cent in 2017.The bank left its forecast for the U.S. economy unchanged at 2.5 per cent this year, down from 2.9 per cent in 2018. It predicts 1.6 per cent growth for the 19 countries that use the euro currency, down from 1.9 per cent last year. For China, the world’s second-biggest economy, it expects 6.2 per cent growth versus 6.5 per cent in 2018.Paul Wiseman, The Associated Presslast_img read more

American pushes back expected return date for Boeing Max

FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines is pushing back the planned return of its Boeing 737 Max jets until early September, two weeks longer than the airline had previously expected.American over the weekend removed its 24 Max jets from the flight schedule through Sept. 3.The plane has been grounded around the world since mid-March, after the second of two crashes that killed a combined 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia.Boeing is updating anti-stall software implicated in the crashes. The aircraft maker hopes to conduct a test flight in the coming weeks to demonstrate the changes for the Federal Aviation Administration.American is cancelling about 115 flights a day because of the grounding of its Max jets.Southwest and United have dropped their Max jets from schedules into early August.The Associated Press read more

Security Council text on DPR Korea nuclear tests expected this week –

“I hope we will have something during the course of this week,” Ambassador Baki Ilkin of Turkey, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council for June, told reporters in New York.Last week Council members “voiced their strong opposition to and condemnation of” the nuclear test conducted by DPRK on 25 May, and started work on a resolution on the matter. It said the test was a “clear violation” of a 2006 resolution adopted shortly after Pyongyang detonated its first nuclear device. That resolution demanded that the country “not conduct any further nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile.”“It’s a highly complex text… It takes time, and we must get it right,” Mr. Ilkin said of the text currently under consideration.“What is important is that we do have this resolution that has an impact on what we want to achieve on the DPRK,” he added. Asked if there was a sense of urgency, Mr. Ilkin said, “The sense of urgency is there. Everyone is aware of the sense of urgency.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week said the tests jeopardize continuing global efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament. Mr. Ban, addressing Finland’s Parliament in Helsinki, said DPRK’s nuclear test and its subsequent launch of short-range missiles not only “create tension in the region,” but “will also pose serious implications to peace and security on the regional and global level.” On whether any effort was made to contact representatives of the DPRK to get their side of the story, Mr. Ilkin said, “Every side knows exactly what the other side expects from one another. And in the case of Korea … they know exactly what the international community wants.”“They want them to stop these tests,” he said. 2 June 2009The President of the United Nations Security Council said today that the 15-member body could have a draft resolution on the recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in a few days. read more

More than one billion people face some form of disability UN report

9 June 2011More than one billion people worldwide experience some form of disability, the United Nations and the World Bank said today in a report that calls for the elimination of barriers that often force the people with disabilities to “the margins of society.” The World Report on Disability, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank, with contributions from over 380 experts, urges governments to “to step up efforts to enable access to mainstream services and to invest in specialized programmes to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities.”“Disability is part of the human condition,” said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan at a ceremony in UN headquarters to launch the report. “Almost every one of us will be permanently or temporarily disabled at some point in life.”“We must do more to break the barriers which segregate people with disabilities, in many cases forcing them to the margins of society,” Dr. Chan said.Etienne Krug, a WHO disability specialist, suggested that the barriers themselves are a cause of disability.“Disability results a lot from the barriers that society erects for people with disabilities,” he said, “barriers such as stigma and discrimination; such as lack of access to health services and rehabilitation services or problems of access to transportation and buildings and information services.” Speaking to UN Radio, Dr. Krug called for the “mainstreaming of all services. That means to make everything accessible. Children with disabilities shouldn’t go to school to a segregated school, but rather be integrated in a normal school as much as possible. “Employment should be accessible to people with disability so that they don’t have to live in poverty or from charity. Health services should be designed so that they also respond to the needs of people with disabilities. So basically all services should be accessible to people with disabilities.”The famed British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), told the launch via video: “We have a moral duty to remove the barriers to participation for people with disabilities, and to invest sufficient funding and expertise to unlock their vast potential. It is my hope this century will mark a turning point for inclusion of people with disabilities in the lives of their societies.” The barriers mentioned in the report include: stigma and discrimination; a lack of adequate health care and rehabilitation services; and inaccessible transport, buildings and information and communication technologies.“As a result, people with disabilities experience poorer health, lower educational achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities,” WHO said.The report recommended that governments and their development partners provide people with disabilities access to all mainstream services, invest in specific programmes and services for those people with disabilities who are in need, and adopt a national disability strategy and plan of action.In addition, governments “should work to increase public awareness and understanding of disability, and support further research and training in the area. Importantly, people with disabilities should be consulted and involved in the design and implementation of these efforts.”Nearly 150 countries and regional organizations have signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and 100 have ratified it, committing them to removing barriers so that people with disabilities may participate fully in their societies, WHO said. read more

Sri Lanka to host discussion on crucial election issues in Asia

The event should culminate with the endorsement of a landmark document, urging election stakeholders from within Asia and beyond to promote and defend democracy in the region. ANFREL and the Election Commission of Sri Lanka hope that through this document, cooperation and collaboration among election stakeholders will be revitalized in order to address the declining quality of democracy in Asia.President Maithripala Sirisena will be the guest of honor in the Opening Ceremonies on August 27. Chairperson of the Election Commission of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Deshapriya and ANFREL Spokesperson Damaso Magbual will be welcoming the election commission representatives and democracy advocates who have traveled to participate in the discussions. The Forum will cover a wide array of crucial election issues like the current state of democracy in Asia, the common electoral challenges in the region, and various good practices employed to make elections better. AESF-IV is an opportunity for Asian election commissions, election observers, non-government organizations, and interstate bodies to gather and discuss the state of elections and democracy in the region. The AESF is the largest gathering of its kind, and is sustained through a strong cooperation between the civil society and election commissions. The Colombo AESF will be attended by more than 250 guests from 45 countries. Fifteen Asian election commissions, more than a hundred election monitoring organizations from all over the world, diplomatic missions based in Sri Lanka, international non-governmental organizations, and intergovernmental institutions including the United Nations will be represented at this prestigious event.The previous AESF gatherings were instrumental in setting benchmarks and guidelines on conducting truly democratic elections which respect internationally recognized human rights and election principles and norms.The first AESF, held in Thailand on 2012, endorsed the Bangkok Declaration on Free and Fair Elections. The second AESF gathered election stakeholders in Dili, Timor Leste on 2015 to create the Dili Indicators of Democratic Elections. Lastly, the Bali AESF, held in 2016, gathered hundreds of democracy advocates and government bodies to craft the Bali Commitment: Eight Keys to Electoral Integrity. The Election Commission of Sri Lanka and the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) will convene the Fourth Asian Electoral Stakeholders Forum (AESF-IV) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on August 27 and 28, 2018.The AESF will have as theme “Advancing Election Transparency and Integrity: Promoting and Defending Democracy Together.” The Colombo AESF is the first to be held in South Asia. read more

Penneys largest investor to sell entire 18 per cent stake just 2

Penney’s largest investor to sell entire 18 per cent stake, just 2 weeks after leaving board AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – J.C. Penney’s largest investor and former board member is bailing out.William Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management is selling his nearly 18 per cent stake, or 39.1 million shares, in the struggling retailer, according to regulatory documents filed late Monday.The move comes two weeks after Ackman resigned from J.C. Penney’s board as part of a deal to resolve an unusually public battle between the activist investor and the struggling department store operator.The news sent Penney shares down nearly 3 per cent to $13 per share in after hours-trading after closing the regular session down 15 cents to $13.35. Penney’s shares have lost nearly 70 per cent of their value since early February 2012 when investor enthusiasm over former CEO Ron Johnson’s retail strategy pushed the stock to around $43. That includes a 36 per cent drop in value so far this year.Some analysts say they were surprised by Ackman’s plan to sell his shares so quickly.“I didn’t expect it to be so fast, but I can understand that he wants to put it behind him,” said New York-based retail consultant Walter Loeb.Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi agreed noting, “(Ackman) wants to cut bait and move on to something else.”Citigroup, the sole underwriter of the shares, will be shopping the stock around to prospective buyers. A price range wasn’t revealed in the prospectus.Ackman’s sell-off comes as the beleaguered chain is trying to recover from a botched transformation plan spearheaded by its former CEO that led to disastrous financial results. The board ousted Johnson in April after only 17 months on the job and rehired Mike Ullman, who had been CEO of the retailer from 2004 to late 2011.Ackman resigned from the board on Aug. 13, after he went public with statements saying he’d lost confidence in Penney’s board and that Chairman Thomas Engibous should be replaced. Ackman and the retailer’s board also were bickering over how quickly the company should replace Ullman, who is expected to be an interim CEO.Ackman initially purchased a stake in J.C. Penney in 2010. He joined Penney’s board in February 2011 and had pushed the board to hire Johnson, a mastermind of Apple Inc.’s successful stores. Under Johnson’s leadership, Penney got rid of most sales in favour of everyday low prices. He also brought in hip new brands and planned to remake the store as an indoor mini mall of sorts with 100 different in-store shops in an effort to woo trendier, more affluent shoppers. But those efforts alienated Penney’s loyal customers.Penney ended up recording nearly $1 billion in losses and a 25 per cent drop in revenue in the fiscal year that ended Feb. 2, the first year of the transformation plan. Since returning to Penney’s helm, Ullman is bringing back basic merchandise like loose-fitting khakis and restoring frequent promotions. But sales declines and losses continued into the first and second quarters as Johnson’s legacy continued to cast a shadow on the results.In the three-month period that ended Aug. 3, Penney lost $586 million, or $2.66 per share. That compares with a loss of $147 million, or 67 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue was $2.66 billion, down 12 per cent from $3.02 billion. Analysts were expecting a $1.07-per-share loss on revenue of $2.77 billion.Penney offered some encouraging news in the second-quarter report: revenue improved from month-to-month, and the decline in Penney’s online business slowed significantly. The chain also said it saw a good start to the back-to-school shopping season. But Loeb and other analysts believe that Penney’s business won’t show signs of stabilization until the fourth quarter.In a letter to investors last week, Ackman said that his investment in Penney was a “failure” and that retail “has not been our strong suit.”Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management invests in and bets against a wide range of businesses, including McDonald’s Corp., insurance company MBIA Inc. and Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. But Ackman has been particularly vocal about his dealings with Penney lately as the department store struggles to turn around its business. In the letter to investors last week, Ackman said it was “difficult to determine” how long a sales recovery might take. However, he did not hint what he planned to do with Pershing’s stake in the retailer.Last Thursday, Penney adopted a plan to prevent a takeover attempt though it said there is no current attempt to take over the company. However, the so-called “poison pill” can be put into effect if an individual or an entity acquires 10 per cent or more of the company’s outstanding stock. Belus analyst Sozzi noted that Penney appeared to be getting ready to prevent any possibility of a big investor buying a big block of shares.Penney and Ackman have set terms to allow him to unload his stake in the company in an orderly manner. Pershing Square Capital can make up to four requests to the company to register the sale of his shares. Each request must be for at least 5 million shares and the deal terminates when he owns less than 5 per cent.Penney will not receive any proceeds from the sale of the shares. by Anne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press Posted Aug 26, 2013 4:45 pm MDT read more

BlackBerry PlayBook preorders pricing and April launch revealed

first_imgLast month a leaked image from Office Depot showed the 16GB WiFi PlayBook listed at $499. Today RIM has revealed the official pricing and launch date which proves the Office Depot leak was in fact legitimate.The BlackBerry PlayBook with WiFi will be available in three models including 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage. The price reflects the level of storage and will be $499, $599, or $699 respectively, although some retailers could offer a discount on those MSRP prices.As for when you can get one, the official launch date has been set as April 19, but pre-orders begin today. If you want one then just visit a Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, or Future Shop and get your name on the list.If you’d rather just stroll into a store and buy one on April 19 there are 20,000+ outlets expected to stock the PlayBook come launch day across the U.S. and Canada. For the U.S. that includes the usual suspects of AT&T, Best Buy, Office Depot, RadioShack, Staples, Sprint, and Verizon.RIM hopes to take on the iPad 2 and Xoom with its first tablet aimed at both consumers and business users. We’ve recently got some hands-on time with the 7″ device and walked away suitably impressed. It’s well-built, the smaller display makes one-handed use easier, and performance is solid based on a pre-release operating system. However, a 7″ display may be too small for some, and there’s a question mark over just how many and the overall quality of the apps on offer. We won’t really know if RIM has delivered in the apps department until a few months after launch.If you are already decided on picking up the PlayBook then we urge you to pre-order one. We learned in January that RIM had tight restrictions on where the PlayBook could be manufactured meaning only 200,000 a month are being produced. The launch stock is thought to be around 1 million units.Read more at the RIM press releaselast_img read more

Interview GlassFit developer Noble Ackerson on Google Glass

first_imgGoogle’s Glass is well into its 10,000 user beta test, with people of all walks of life wandering the globe and trying out this incredible wearable technology. For mobile developers, Glass has created great promise but also new challenges that must be overcome. Recently I spoke to one dev who took on those obstacles in order to create his exercise app, GlassFit.Noble Ackerson is an Alexandria, VA-based developer who works with Silica Labs as their VP of Product Development. This position is the direct result of Ackerson’s headfirst dive into the Glass ecosystem. After starting the thousands-strong Society of Glass Enthusiasts community, Ackerson went on to create the GlassFit app. Currently available to any Glass user willing to install unofficial Glassware, Noble’s app acts as a virtual fitness coach that walks you through a series of exercises without ever needing to interact with your phone or with Glass during the workout.Noble’s app is in the very early stages, but even in its current form managed to overcome some of the limitations in Google’s Mirror API to deliver a unique experience.Recently I was able to chat with Noble about his experience so far with GlassFit. Part of the problem, as Noble explained to Geek.com, was that Glass isn’t on all the time. Unless you are using the camera, the display shuts itself off after 10 seconds of inactivity. Having to tap glass every time you wanted to see the next movement or to see the time remaining on your existing workout would be particularly disruptive. Noble explained that his goal was to balance information delivery with activity so the user could go through an entire workout with as few interruptions as possible.To accomplish this, GlassFit breaks the workout into individual steps that are sent to the headset as notifications. GlassFit will give you a workout that is set to a suggested time frame, and when that time expires you’ll get a new notification with a new set of instructions. The notification comes as a chime that only the wearer can feel, thanks to the bone conduction speaker in Glass.At this point you can either switch to the next workout in the lineup if they are familiar with it, or look up to activate the screen and see the next exercise. At the end of the exercise you are shown a victory screen, and the notifications from the app fade into your Glass timeline.Noble’s goals with GlassFit are significant, limited only by his imagination. Long term he noted that he’d like to integrate the app with other wearable exercise tools to help collect data and measure progress. Unlike some, Ackerson doesn’t see Google’s Mirror API as a limitation, rather an exercise in problem solving. If a GlassFit circuit depletes a noticeable portion of your battery, the app will limit your ability to go through an entire day wearing the tech, so his interests lie in users being able to integrate apps into their life, not to work around the app.Many Glass developers are quite excited by the announcement at the Google’s I/O developer conference this year regarding the Glass Development Kit. When asked, Ackerson commented that the GDK is certainly interesting but in the short term he was more interested in some of the features that were announced in the last update to the Glass OS. Specifically, the new layout for voice activated commands that show up when you’ve taken a photo or received certain notifications. This feature allows you to continue to interact with certain parts of Glass in a hands free environment, which would obviously be something he would want to use in GlassFit.last_img read more

I was absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because I

first_img Image: Michael Steele By Eoin O’Callaghan 5 Comments ALEX FERGUSON WAS bullish in advance of the clash. At the pre-game press conference, he spoke little of the opposition and instead listed off the various attributes of his fine side.But there was little escaping the elephant in the room and he was quickly asked how much he remembered from the 4-0 hammering his team received on their previous visit to FC Barcelona. “Nothing,” he replied, with a heavy hint of sarcasm. But despite his attempts to play down the reference, the coverage surrounding the Group A fixture was dominated by exorcism-focused copy and how United were out for revenge.Writing in The Guardian, David Lacey offered up a delicious opening paragraph that recalled the nightmarish encounter from the first week of winter in 1994.  Dwight Yorke scores to put Manchester United 3-2 ahead at the Camp Nou in November, 1998. Image: Michael Steele https://the42.ie/4591026 Short URL Four years ago Manchester United retreated from the Nou Camp Stadium here with their tails so far between their legs that the team could have been renamed Manx United. Not only had they been beaten 4-0 by Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona but, as learning processes go, this one ranked with the roasting scene in Tom Brown’s Schooldays.”Fergie wasn’t the only survivor from that evening quizzed on his memories.“It was probably my worst experience in Europe,” Denis Irwin offered.“We were absolutely battered, and it was one of those nights when you could say we were lucky to get nil.”Infamously, in front of 110,000, Romario and Hristo Stoichkov cut United to pieces. The attacking duo combined for three goals while diminutive full-back Albert Ferrer got in on the act late on.“We were well and truly slaughtered,” Ferguson said afterwards, the result substantially contributing to the team’s subsequent group-stage exit from the competition.    But, in November ’98, things were a lot closer. As it turned out, the teams shared six goals – just as they had done back at Old Trafford a few months earlier – in what proved a Champions League classic.With just over 20 minutes to go, it looked like United would claim a superb victory as Dwight Yorke headed home David Beckham’s expert cross at the near post to put them 3-2 ahead. But, just four minutes later, Rivaldo – who’d earlier given Peter Schmeichel the eyes and wrong-footed him with an expert free-kick – drifted between Jaap Stam and Gary Neville, chested down with his back to goal, flung himself in the air and planted an outrageous overhead kick in the same corner from eight yards. Rivaldo conjured a moment of brilliance to secure a 3-3 draw in November ’98 and cost Curtis a substantial win bonus. Source: Tom HonanIt rubbished an opinion Ferguson shared with the press ahead of the game.     Without Romario, Barcelona no longer have a player who can conjure goals out of nothing.”In fact, Rivaldo was the width of a crossbar away from claiming a hat-trick and all three points for his side as the hosts finished with a flourish. And over two decades later, John Curtis still wryly recalls the frustrations and irritations following the Brazilian’s spellbinding display.The full-back, who’d already made a couple of first-team appearances, was part of the United squad that night and watched on from the bench alongside another highly-regarded young player, Mark Wilson.  “The TV footage painted a great picture of my emotions, and Willo’s too,” Curtis tells The42 with a laugh.  “It was an incredible game of football but me and Willo were absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because we lost our win bonus because of it. So, when the cameras panned to the bench, we looked absolutely devastated.”I think it was ten grand but it might have even been as much as twenty. It was a significant amount of money for players earning about a £1000 a week. It made a difference. I’ll put it this way: I basically paid for my first house from my Champions League bonuses. When you were on the bench, you got half. I think you had to appear to get the whole thing. The beauty of it was that you had seven subs. Very often, I may not have been a sub for a Premier League game because they were only five spots. But, in the Champions League, there was a good chance I could make the bench. It mattered a lot to a bunch of 18 and 19-year-old kids.”“But, regardless of that, what a fantastic experience for a kid to be involved in that kind of environment. It was front row seats to an amazing game. It wasn’t just a fantastic occasion for both clubs but for the competition on a wider scale. It’s regarded as a classic, really. I think there are certain stadiums that have something special and a character that’s difficult to replicate. Old Trafford has that, the Camp Nou has that – they are giant arenas, iconic venues. They have so much history about them. But as a player, you don’t really think about it much.”“The difference between playing in the Camp Nou and playing against Chesterfield in League Two?” Curtis asks rhetorically, already laughing. “When the fans are abusing you it gets pretty personal and you can hear every word.”  Curtis was a key part of United’s FA Youth Cup win in 1995 and was voted the club’s best young player two years later. Inevitably, the accolade dovetailed with a promotion to the fringes of the first-team and though opportunities were scarce owing to the dominance of Gary Neville, he remained a valuable member of the squad as Ferguson desperately tried to crack the Champions League puzzle. “By 1998/99, I think it was a culmination of the younger lads having gained a bit more experience and nous and know-how regarding how to play that type of European tie…and the management as well, to an extent,” Curtis says.  John Curtis was on the fringes at Old Trafford as Fergie developed his Treble-winning team. Source: Tony Marshall“Because it was such a different thing. United played 4-4-2 consistently and it was pretty rigid, particularly in the early days of the Champions League. The gaffer very rarely changed it and it was only later on that he started to pack the midfield more. The philosophies were such that you didn’t change anything and United suffered in the early days because of that – against a Juventus or Barca that knew how to deal with European competition.”In ’99, United were in an unusual situation.Having finished as Premier League runners-up, they had to come through a qualifying tie against LKS Lodz before reaching the group stage. And because it was a 24-team format, the six group winners and only the two best runners-up progressed to the quarter-finals. With United drawn alongside Barcelona and Bayern Munich, there was a decent chance they wouldn’t finish top. So, numbers were potentially important. In six group games, United only won twice but they racked up 20 goals, easily the best tally of any team in the tournament. Bayern topped the group and United finished second but when it came to ranking the best runners-up, it was Real Madrid and United who moved on. Ultimately, the goal difference wasn’t required but Ferguson’s side had a natural attacking prowess that wasn’t exactly being tamed.        “United were just dominant at the time,” Curtis says.I don’t want to say they were head and shoulders ahead because Arsenal were running them close domestically but they were at the very top of their game. And there was a philosophy to attack, to take the game to the opposition, to be on the front foot all the time. And in both games against Barca in the Champions League, it was two teams with the same mentality. Even the famous goal that Coley scored at the Camp Nou…Him and Yorkie were friends off the field. They had a telepathic understanding and we saw that all the time. The combination play from them…that type of goal constantly happened in training. It was just a regular event.”“The format has changed a little bit as well so that means it’s less likely to get those types of score-lines anymore. You take the game last week and it was so cagey. United were almost set up to lose 1-0, knowing that if they go to Barca that they’ll have a chance with an away goal.”  Curtis says Andy Cole’s memorable goal at the Camp Nou illustrated United’s attacking philosophy and how they were keen to remain on the front foot in every game. Source: Michael SteeleThat night in Barcelona was the closest Curtis would come to a Champions League appearance that season, narrowly missing out for the final against Bayern Munich. But, returning to the Camp Nou on that fateful May evening he – like so many others – was caught cold by the stunning finale.       “I was in the squad but just didn’t make the bench,” he says. “It was me and Jordi (Cruyff) who missed out. Jonno (Jonathan Greening) and Wes Brown got picked ahead of us. So we were watching the game from the stands and me and Jordi looked at each other and said, ‘Right, will we head to the dressing rooms so we can commiserate with the lads?’ And we leave our seats to go down and the first goal goes in. There’s this massive roar and we run back up the stairwell and see everyone celebrating. And we think, ‘Wow, brilliant. 1-1. Let’s go down to pitch level and watch the rest of it from the tunnel’. Because Jordi was ex-Barca he knew the stadium and where everything was. So, we go down again and there’s another massive roar and we’ve won the game. So we actually missed both goals.” Curtis still gets a tingle thinking on the memories from twenty years ago. Big games, big players, big expectations, big pressure. But, he’s quick to point out that he’d actually experienced all of that from the day he signed for the club in 1993. “Because I’d come through the ranks, you don’t think of it any differently because you’re bred to be in that environment and to understand what’s required,” he says. “You know the pressure on you. Even when you’re playing as a kid, everyone wants to beat you. You were the big boys and it’s something Manchester United have faced forever because they’re the biggest club in the country. As a player coming through the system, it becomes second nature to you. It’s only when you step away from the environment that you can look back and think, ‘Wow, that’s something special’. But I remember Jonno (Greening) joining from York and he was completely blown away when he arrived. He wasn’t bred in it so he’d comment on how different it was, in terms of his previous experience. And I’m sure certain players who signed from smaller clubs would say the same thing.”   Curtis (far left), celebrates with his United team-mates – including current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – in February 1999. Source: Barry CoombsAfter a loan spell with Barnsley, Curtis left United permanently in 2000 and signed with Blackburn. Later, there were stints with Leicester and Nottingham Forest but he’s now based in the United States and is the founder and technical director of the National Center of Excellence (NCE) where he specialises in developing underage talent.He’s watched with interest as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returned to the club and initially instilled a long-forgotten optimism and positivity. Curtis admits he under-estimated the Norwegian when they first met in 1996 and was taught a harsh lesson in misplaced instincts.Still, he feels the club’s recent run of form shows his former team-mate still has a lot of work to do and that the hard questions are already being asked.     “I remember Ole walking through The Cliff and I was sat there with the other young kids and I’m thinking, ‘Who’s this guy?’” he says.“Personally, I completely underestimated him as a player and he went on to prove me completely wrong. And the same with him as a manager. When he was announced I was on TalkSport radio and I was asked whether he was the man to bring back the glory days and the Premier Leagues, the European Cup triumphs, the domination and I was like, ‘No, but could he be part of a team to bring success back? Yeah, absolutely.’ At the time, it was all about Pochettino and Zidane. But what he’s done has been amazing. Again, he’s surprised me. They’re having a bit of a dip right now so it’s amazing how quickly things can change but he’s had a massive affect on turning things around.”Sir Alex is a massive influence on him so he’s experienced the ruthlessness and the steely coldness that you need to be a top manager. But the honeymoon is over. It’s going to take a lot more than just making everyone relaxed and playing with smiles on their faces. His test really begins now, doesn’t it?”                       Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Subscribecenter_img Dwight Yorke scores to put Manchester United 3-2 ahead at the Camp Nou in November, 1998. 41,958 Views Apr 15th 2019, 8:00 PM Share2 Tweet Email ‘I was absolutely distraught when Rivaldo scored that bicycle kick because I lost my win bonus’ John Curtis was a Manchester United youngster back in 1998 when the side played out a Champions League classic against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. 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Cyprus signs military deal with Russia

first_imgCyprus signed a deal with Russia allowing its navy ships to make regular port calls on the island.The deal with European Union member Cyprus, which also hosts British military bases, comes amid Russia-West tensions over Ukraine, the worst since the Cold War times.Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with visiting Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades that the agreement would primarily refer to Russian navy ships involved in international counter-terrorism and anti-piracy efforts. He added that military cooperation between Russia and Cyprus isn’t directed against any third party.“Our friendly ties aren’t aimed against anyone,” Putin said. “I don’t think it should cause worries anywhere.”Russia has sought permission for navy ships to use ports in various parts of the world to replenish supplies and undergo maintenance, deals that would allow Moscow to expand its global military presence.Russian ships already have made port calls at Limassol, but the new agreement apparently aims to create a more solid legal basis for that.Speaking to Tass news agency before his trip to Moscow, Anastasiades said that Cyprus and Russia were also discussing a possibility for Russian planes to use an air base near Pathos for humanitarian relief missions.Source: AP Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Report Washington drivers fifth worst in US

first_imgWashington drivers rank among the worst in the nation, according to an analysis of federal data released by a Seattle-based insurance company.QuoteWizard reported this week that Washington drivers are the fifth worst. The state went from ninth to fifth worst since 2016, according to the company.“Is it the rain-soaked streets? Is it the legal weed? Is it Seattle’s massive growth? We’re not sure what’s causing it, but the fact is that Washington drivers are less-than-stellar,” QuoteWizard said.Part of the blame for bad driving was placed on the influx of transplants to the state.At least one local driver agreed. When asked on Twitter for thoughts on the ranking, user @PapermakersArmy replied, “Simple … it is all the transplants from the No. 1 worst driving state that have moved up here.”California drivers ranked the worst, followed by Minnesota, Utah and South Carolina.Washington’s accident rate jumped from 33rd worst to 14th worst since 2016, the analysis says.QuoteWizard based its rankings on Federal Highway Administration data, including averages calculated from the number of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and fatalities.The results of the study by the Seattle-based insurance comparison marketplace, released Thursday, gave a fairly dim view of drivers across the country, showing a 14 percent increase in car-related deaths since 2015.The cause? Americans are spending more time on the road, and still texting and talking while driving, the study found.The Seattle Times contributed to this report.last_img read more

Law limitations are said to be hurting Police investigations

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, July 22, 2016 – Laws in the Turks and Caicos need to be swiftly amended if we are going to see more crimes solved.  For the second time in a week, there has been key reference made to the limitations in TCI Law which seems to inhibit Police; the old standards now in place are hurting investigations and helping criminals get away with murder and more.A media statement by the Commissioner of Police, James Smith yesterday listed where there are weaknesses. I quote him now:  “Keeping our borders secure is crucial, biometric information and the ability to easily take DNA samples will enhance our capabilities to solve crime and identify perpetrators, updated criminal evidence legislation, a change to the way we manage our roads, vehicles and driving licenses, along with a number of other legislative improvements that I have already discussed with government, should combine to significantly improve safety and security,” said James Smith, Police Commissioner.A week ago today, the Premier, Rufus Ewing addressed the same issue, and expressed that his government will make the changes in law once informed of what those changes need to be. “The police commissioner also mentioned this morning that we need some amendments to our laws, I said well if we need amendments to our laws to enable things like DNA and  DNA sampling or enlarged scale of DNA sampling then tell us what amendments we need.”But when Magnetic Media checked the media release from the June 30th National Security Council meeting it exposes that not only was there a presentation of laws that need desperate improvement, but that the Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing was there, the Border Control Minister, Donhue Gardiner was there, that the Police Commissioner and his Deputy were there; that the Governor Peter Beckingham and his Deputy Governor was there and the Attorney General also made the roll call.  Everyone who could swiftly affect change in the laws of the land, was present and accounted for and the only question is now whether or not they will move expeditiously in order for the Turks and Caicos to see an end to reports where as much as 75% of crime goes unsolved.  Related Items:last_img read more

RBI Sells Broadcasting Cable to NewBay

first_imgUnder NewBay, the three magazines will continue to be published in print and will maintain their current frequencies and circulations, Palm told FOLIO:. “As these brands complement our existing portfolio, we are not planning any significant changes to their current operations,” he said.According to the RBI Web site, Broadcasting & Cable publishes 51 times per year and carries a 22,120 circulation. Multichannel News, which also publishes 51 times annually, carries a circulation of 17,116. TWICE carries a 19,010 circ. and publishes 26 times per year.RBI and its London-based parent Reed Elsevier were represented by investment bankers The Jordan, Edmiston Group in the deal.In July, Reed Elsevier announced plans to divest nearly all of the magazines published under the U.S. division of RBI. Reed said it will retain its Reed Construction Data, RSMeans, Variety, MarketCast, LA411 and BuyerZone properties. The company put RBI on the block in February 2008.Discussions are under way for a number of RBI’s remaining titles but no deals have been finalized, sources tell FOLIO:.Meanwhile, fellow trade publisher Nielsen Business Media is reportedly working on a sale of a number of its titles—including The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek—to a consortium of buyers including Washington D.C.-based The Hill owner Jim Finkelstein and Lachlan Murdoch. About four months after putting the majority of its U.S.-based trade magazines back on the block, Reed Business Information has sold three titles to Wicks Group-owned NewBay Media. The deal includes Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and This Week in Consumer Electronics (TWICE). Financial terms were not disclosed.According to NewBay CEO Steve Palm, the acquisition “adds significant depth and breadth to its existing portfolio of broadcast properties,” which include TV Technology and Television Broadcast, as well as consumer electronic properties like Residential Systems.last_img read more

SpiceJet Launches EMI Scheme for Ticket Booking

first_imgNo-frills airline SpiceJet on Thursday launched a new scheme, which enables its customers to pay ticket fare in equated monthly instalments (EMIs).The EMIs can be spread over a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, according to convenience of customers. The interest rate charged for this facility will range from 12 to 14%.The offer will result in significant savings to the passengers (up to 70% interest cost reduction) on deferred/delayed payment interest costs relative to traditional credit card fees, SpiceJet said in a release.”For a ticket costing Rs 5,000, this scheme can result in savings of over Rs 1,000 in terms of interest charges relative to credit cards for a 12-month deferred payment plan,” SpiceJet said.For now, the ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ scheme will be applicable to customers holding credit cards of Axis Bank, HSBC Bank, Kotak Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank.However, the airline plans to extend the facility to credit cards holders of other banks shortly.”Providing customer convenience and enhancing options through unique travel schemes and offers are central to SpiceJet’s philosophy. We are confident that this scheme will make air travel more economically-viable than ever before for those customers who want to travel now, but pay later,” said SpiceJet’s Chief Marketing Officer Debojo Maharshi.The facility will be available for those, who will book tickets through SpiceJet website.In case of airfare refunds, customers will have to bear the costs of the interest rate already billed for that particular booking, it said.last_img read more

Are you a taxpayer Things you should do to avoid scrutiny from

first_imgAfter the controversial demonetisation move by the Centre on November 8, 2016 to curb black money, the income tax  (I-T) department could take the centrestage by turning more stringent for the same purpose. Several surprise raid were carried out in the weeks after the banning of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes and now the focus could fall on the citizens of the country.Common man can end up being harassed by the I-T officials if they can’t provide necessary documents on their income and expenditure. Unaccounted income is liable to a whopping 83 per cent tax and hence, tax-payers should keep certain things in mind to avoid any kind of ordeal.[READ: Budget 2017 may have Rs 35,300 crore sops in income tax exemptions]Inherited jewellery or those purchased through disclosed or agriculture income don’t fall within the ambit of taxation but those that don’t have enough proof will be taxed. This means those who can’t provide sufficient evidence in support of their claims can invite scrutinising from the I-T officials.Entrepreneurs should keep all records of the seed money to set up their firms, as they have to produce them at the I-T department if asked to. A capital amount will be liable to hefty taxing if necessary details are not made available.It is also safer to maintain details of your financial transaction, especially in case of a sudden increase in the monthly income or spending, as it can make the I-T department suspicious. For instance, I-T officials raided lavish weddings that were held at the time of money crunch due to demonetisation.last_img read more

Bullethit body found at Benapole

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationPolice recovered a bullet-hit body of a man from Choto Achra area of Benapole in Jashore district early Saturday.Masud Karim, officer-in-charge of Benapole port police station, said locals spotted the bullet-hit body of the man, aged about 30, and informed police, reports UNB.Later, police recovered the body and sent it to Jashore general hospital for an autopsy.A case was filed with Benapole port police station in this connection, the OC said.last_img

Humble Bundle for Android 5 features Dungeon Defenders Super Hexagon

first_imgThe Humble Bundle is back, but instead of the main Humble line, we have the fifth Android pack. Unlike the main line of Humble Bundles, the Android family tree sports a group of games that not only run on OS X, Windows, and Linux, but Android as well. Due to the requirement that the games are able to run on Android, the pack may not contain games that you’re highly familiar with — or even heard of — but it still offers some great gaming at a low price.This time around, the total value of the items in the pack would reach $110 if bought individually, and as is tradition, the pack includes unlockables. You can pay what you want for the pack, but if you pay more than a buck, you’ll be given Steam keys along with the DRM-free direct downloads. If you pay over whatever the current average bundle price is, you’ll unlock Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon, which are likely the two most recognized games included in the pack. Whatever price you pay, you’ll receive Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, and NightSky HD. If you pay above that average bundle price, you’ll receive a soundtrack for each game, apart from Dynamite Jack.If you’re new to the bundle, not only can you pay whatever you want, but you can also dictate where the money goes. You can choose between the game developers, charity, the people that make the Humble Bundle possible, or any combination of those three. You can also gift the bundle to friends, but don’t let them know how much you paid.Grab a bundle here.last_img read more

Poetry inspired by conventional life

first_imgThe book release function of six poetry collections and one anthology of Author Neelam Saxena Chandra was held at ICCR Azad Bhawan on April 20 in the presence of Amarendra Khatua, Director General ICCR and renowned poet, Laxmi Shankar Bajpai, Ex-Dy. Director General, AIR, Dr Mridula Tandon, Philanthropist and Founder Member of SAKSHI and Sudarshan K Cherry, Founder, Authorspress. The books released include two of her English poetry collections titled “The Soul Unbound” and “Trove of Musings” with co-poet Raksha Hegde and four Hindi poetry collections “Main Bahane Lagi Hun”, “Maine Rang Diye Alfaaz”, “Maine Tarashe hain Alfaaz” and “Rangi Main Tere Rang Mein”. An anthology “Ek Sahar Ummid Bhari” compiled by Neelam and edited by Shweta Bhatt was also released during the occasion. The books have been published by Authorspress, which is a publishing venture with a missionary zeal founded by Sudarshan K Cherry. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAn author of four novels, one novella and five short story collections, 19 poetry collections and 10 children’s books, Neelam Saxena Chandra works as Joint Secretary for U.P.S.C., India. She was listed in Forbes as one among 78 most popular authors in the country in 2014.The evening began with the book release of “Main Bahne lagi hun”, followed by “Maine Rang Diye Alfaaz”, “Maine Tarashe hain Alfaaz”, “Rangi Main Tere Rang Mein”, “Trove of Musings” and “The Soul Unbound”. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveA very special feature of Neelam’s books is the cover pages which have been made by some well-known artists such as Janhavi Bhide, Pankaj Saxena, Ritu Bhatnagar and Raksha Hegde. This was followed by Neelam reading out a few poems from her collections that touched the heart of the audience. Neelam informed that she is motivated by day-today experiences in and around her in writing poems. The guests praised Neelam for her contribution to the world of literature.An anthology titled’ Ek Sahar Ummid Bhari’ compiled by Neelam Saxena Chandra and edited by Shweta Bhatt was also released on the occasion.last_img read more