Hackers hijack the server to steal nternet users account was sentenced

several computer hackers hijack DNS server, users will visit the site to site to steal the wrong virus, Internet game account resale profit. Recently, Ma Zhisong and other 6 defendants were sentenced to Jiangsu, Wuxi District Court of First Instance sentenced to four years to one year imprisonment.

November 19, 2007, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment received a report: the 5 to 19 day period, parts of the country’s Internet users to visit the city of Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. Mini homepage, is located in Wuxi City, pointing to the virus server, causing millions of Internet users, the computer virus infection, the Tencent Inc was forced to stop the web services, causing significant economic losses. Police immediately carry out the investigation, in December of the same year, arrested 6 suspects in Sichuan Chengdu, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, Heilongjiang and other places were dongning. read more

One week news review Google part of the service back to China Ma brush this year the first double 1

The new progress of

1 certification loopholes: the official said Alipay will add a reminder to

recently, there are users in the micro-blog platform such as Alipay reflect the existence of a serious loophole in the real name authentication: users unknowingly, actually certified account is bound 5 strange sub account. Specific reference to Lei Feng news: new progress: the official said Alipay certification loopholes will add notification.

is due to internal staff leaked information and external hacker attacks led Alipay denied?. read more

My network of entrepreneurship Journey of bitterness

      today I want to write about my experiences! Primary school did not graduate writing is not good please don’t laugh!

      when you embark on the road of entrepreneurship when you face the dilemma is not expected! Let me tell you about my experience!

      early to do not understand in the case I put all the money paid as much as two a! Owe a debt! Have I not been defeated or decided to start a business! Do not understand the situation in the network to go on a more avant-garde ranks! The agent has two network agents, which makes me desperate! With the pain of being cheated and I created their own network platform! From the shallow to the deep! To this end I paid all my efforts, but also to pay for all of my family! In my face brought despair when crowning calamity backyard fire to me! I was all day with the pain endured the pain like a knife. Let me go on the network China top one thousand ranks! Although there is no income, but in the absence of too much money to invest in the current situation is basically stable in [15000] LP! I feel I have a sense of accomplishment! Although I haven’t succeeded yet! But I see the bright future! I never graduated from primary school a farmer at the age of 17 I will assume the assistance to the family!
      [I was 17 years old when I was only a mere 1.50 M] I felt the work of contemporary young people can not imagine! At the age of 19, he began to work again! Later, because of his hometown mining chance for me to go on a cleaning worker ranks! From the ordinary workers illiterate! To the director of a more than and 30 person workshop! What I can’t imagine is what I give! At that time the company was a local collective enterprise [I was able to do the workshop director because I have made outstanding contributions to the innovation of the enterprise, the value of its conservative estimate of about 20 million. Later, because of today’s society for a reason, a mining enterprise assets equivalent to 200 million to give some moths. See through their own efforts and a bunch of brothers founded by such bad foundation collapse, we decided to revolt! End up in failure! The poor are not rich! They have HanHen left my hometown. Into the billowing sea! And the merciless sea flooded! My road to entrepreneurship is lonely! No one understands! No one to support!
      I have been working for nearly a year since the launch of the network so far I have been working from 6:30 a.m. – around 23 am! Grope for. It can be said that in the world before the top ten thousand stations have appeared [ha ha entertainment] name [except English] should be > read more

November portal daily coverage of TOP10 CCTV network rose to sixth

IDC network (idcps.com) on December 10th reported: according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in November, covering dozens of portal daily list, most notably, cctv.com daily coverage number soared to 10078.3, rose 81.64%, ranking rose to sixth, instead of the Xinhua net. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.

(Figure 1) in November the average daily user coverage of the portal TOP10

Figure 1 shows the

, in November, the portal covering daily users of dozens of ranking, compared with the previous month, changed: cctv.com transcend, replace xinhuanet.com to sixth to cover the number 10078.3, last month the number of daily coverage of 5548.5, up 81.64%; while xinhuanet.com glide, ranked seventh. No change in the remaining rankings. Among them, Tencent net column first, covering the number reached 74610.6, a huge advantage. read more

CNNC intends to amend the regulations officially open to individuals CN domain name registration

January 18th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) according to the authorities, on the drafting of personal domain name registration open plan, and advance to the "domain name registration rules" relevant provisions were revised. Once the new policies and regulations to be implemented, which means that the CN domain name for the first time officially allow individuals to apply for registration.

CNNIC intends to open an individual registered CN domain name

once tightened personal CN domain name management policy, is expected to make adjustments in the near future. According to assistant director CNNIC Qi Lin Sina Technology revealed that CNNIC has been based on the requirements of the competent authorities to study the drafting of the individual registration domain name open program. At present, CNNIC is actively communicating with the competent authorities, hoping to amend the provisions of the relevant provisions as soon as possible. read more

Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition in the first instance won 500 thousand yuan compensation

[TechWeb] reported on October 27th news, Beijing Haidian court recently announced the case before the official micro-blog: user input text search engine Baidu Sogou input method, click on the search of candidate words into Sogou search page, Baidu unfair competition sued Sogou, Haidian court verdict Sogou input method to stop acts of unfair competition, eliminating the effects of and compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan.

Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition won 500 thousand yuan in the first instance awarded read more

WeChat to read A Book However Shuabing still too hard

Abstract: WeChat reading officially released yesterday, the first time to experience the titanium media reporter looks very beautiful products. WeChat read incoming is not "wolf", also does not lead the industry reshuffle, but is a born with a golden spoon "two rich generation" game player only, although no possessions inherited strong horse, but still have to maintain business basics from the start of the not vague.

now time is August 27th at 23:29 pm on the first day of school, in the WeChat ranking, I with 17 minutes of reading time in 36 friends ranked sixth, ranked first in the distance 43 minutes only 26 minute gap, if all sprint, the summit is expected to. However, I was not the kind of rivalry with people in the WeChat sports list, in the way of wind power runaway. read more

Nora 260 million yuan ticket shall be within 15 days to pay all rejected arguments

the afternoon of June 26th, the Shenzhen municipal market authority Nora company formally served "administrative punishment decision" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), according to the "decision", Nora was fined 260 million yuan, with immediate effect. Nora said an unnamed senior told Nanfang Daily interview on the evening of 26, has received the "decision", but pleaded for the amount of the ticket price will apply for administrative reconsideration or submit a complaint as soon as possible, and that the 260 million yuan ticket for the companies to accept can not afford, can not afford to pay all closing". read more

09 Jiangsu station will start enrollment of more than 500 owners gathered in Nanjing

according to the latest news from the official upcoming November 7th 13:00 in Jiangsu Nanjing science and Technology Museum was held by Tencent caifutong and Jiangsu station to host the 2009 Jiangsu conference and Jiangsu station (Nanjing) Internet Forum on the website before making tense has begun enrollment, this means that the first Jiangsu area the largest annual meeting of owners has been officially launched, owners will be full and free participation, there will be many domestic well-known master star studded Jiangsu provincial capital of Nanjing, to participate in the annual maximum annual meeting and many Jiangsu province webmaster webmaster deep interaction. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast QQ red hit WeChat advertising circle of friends measured on line

1 look at this set of PPT, you know how WeChat is selling the public number and the circle of friends advertising  

special Description:

1, the following PPT to introduce Tencent WeChat advertising system, which includes four parts, namely: WeChat, WeChat introduced the relevant advertising – public number part – WeChat advertising circle of friends, part of the WeChat advertising case selection.

2, the PPT from the network, only for the purpose of conveying information, we can search the relevant content, but does not represent the views of the blogger. read more

Barrage video station suffered growing confusion two dimensional culture of piracy

[Abstract] at the same time, with the growth of age, some users began to leave home, no longer focus on the two dimensional culture from japan.

technology Tencent reported in May 14th

hin a rainy season

if you want to know the 90 house culture and the "two dimension" of the world, look at the barrage video site AcFun and Bilibili may be one of the best choice.

recently the two were known as "A, B station," the site has encountered some trouble. AcFun chief Simon announced that due to substandard, and investors are forced to leave, Bilibili stopped playing copyright animation film in its "new" area. read more

Are closed nternet product model selection manual notice

        following the "day" after the game is completed, seal a will launch the latest masterpiece "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook", by stationmaster net (serial starting).

      "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook" readers focus: investment of 50 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan owners or investors on the Internet, as in the manual operation network business will reference books. At the same time, the manual provides a reference for the grassroots business transformation, according to their own experience, expertise in the implementation of the transformation, in order to be able to provide professional services for these operators, investors. read more

DC Review Network in early January the domestic domain name registrar net increment of Top10

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 01, reported: according to WebHosting.info data, IDC review of the latest release of the network in early January 2014 China domain name registration report. It shows that as of January 13, 2014, in the domain name market in our country, nearly 1 million 475 thousand Chinese million net in the domestic domain name domain name registration list. And in early January the domain name net increase in the amount of statistics, Chinese million net winning list, and then the ranking is renamed Chinese and Western digital. Below, we have a detailed understanding of the domain name registrar in early January domain name growth. read more

American business review site Yelp financing 25 million

                  Beijing on January 28th news, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, U.S. business review site Yelp announced that Elevation Partners won $25 million financing of private Holdings Company.

just a month ago there was news that Google plans to acquire Yelp, the two sides have started negotiations. A number of media reports said that the price of Google Yelp opened once reached $500 million.

, according to people familiar with the insider trading, through the purchase price of the shares of the Elevation Partners Yelp, Yelp valued at approximately $475 million. Elevation Partners also wants to buy 300 shares worth about $75 million to Yelp’s employees and other shareholders. read more

Google China CCTV exposure

just watching CCTV news network found that Google China became the focus of the news network. The news took about two minutes to cover the event.

Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center recently according to public reporting and verification, "Google China" website (google.cn) a large number of pornographic and vulgar information, a serious violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, contrary to social morality, harm the public interest.

in January this year and in April, Google China website due to the presence of a large number of pornographic and vulgar links, two times the Internet has been illegal and bad information reporting center public exposure. Recently, the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center also received a public report, after verification found that "a large number of pornographic and vulgar information still exists in Google Chinese" website, including a large number of extremely low, ugly pornographic images, video and text. "Google Chinese filtering" website is not good pornographic content according to the requirements of the laws and regulations of our country, a large number of foreign pornographic information on the Internet to spread within the territory of China through the website, a serious violation of the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee on safeguarding Internet Security" and the State Council decided to "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations well, the relevant industry self regulate, serious violations of physical and mental health of adolescents, damage to the public interest. read more

Kun Peng Theory in the face of aggressive nternet barbarians how to meet the traditional enterprise

recently on Kun Peng often talked about traditional companies in the Internet, mobile Internet situation, how to be facing challenges, difficulties and other topics, today we talk about how to break the traditional business bureau, and there have been many traditional large enterprises have begun this operation.

first, how to deal with the new technology of traditional enterprise competition

two days before us "this year such as millet and unicorns are very sad and more than 80 will die" mentioned in the disruptive innovation, referred to the small company how to use technological innovation to beat the big companies, like Microsoft, Google, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, etc. How to change from small to big read more

Renren sell 56 networks only after the depression bloated

text / Ding Peng

famous football commentator Zhan Jun and Yan Qiang had set up a "catcher alliance", one of them was the Liverpool fans, one is the Arsenal fans, the two traditional teams have many years not get the title, but every year to attack the champion, so they kept watch".

China of the Internet industry, the alliance "was a There are plenty of people who, regardless of China, the richest man in the grand NetEase, or is known as the" second millennium "said the Sohu, they all belong to the rye, had their own glory, but now has been in the" keep watch ". read more

Daily topic how far away is the secret of the secret of morality and law

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 15th news, there has never been a APP to produce explosive growth in the first day on the line, never a just a few days on the APP can lead to so much attention, anonymous social software secret like a bomb was thrown to the crowd, blow up people for a long time to wear face masks. Recently, an anonymous social App software secret quietly popular. However, only one month on the shelves will be App Store shelves.

secret App hunting team, at the beginning of April at App Store on the line, and quickly rose to the free download charts in the first few. Its inspiration from the famous foreign Secret secret applications, based on the introduction of anonymous social contacts. Users only need to register their phone number, see the address book friends and friends of friends to share the secret. A netizen said that "the secret" APP social way: it’s like in a masquerade, will let you not consciously releasing hidden in real life on the other side. read more

One week news review abnormal chain network ranked first UNQLO events burst red Baidu search

1 Network letter office: a comprehensive clean-up of " with capital stocks " illegal network advertising

in July 12th, the state Internet Information Office issued a notice: the Internet platform, the media units from the date of this circular, comprehensive clean-up of illegal publicity with capital stocks of all advertising information, and take necessary measures to prohibit any organizations and individuals released through the network channels of the illegal advertising information. read more