Are doing event marketing enterprises should be how to properly use hot event marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, Internet users are constantly growing and growing. At present, the Internet has become an important channel and entrance to receive information in our daily life, every day in the network we can see a lot of hot topic, with the hot event marketing is one thing many companies talked about, but can really bring hot events marketing well not many enterprises.

with hot news event marketing, for businesses, is a very good marketing channel, the advantages of hot event marketing has the following: read more

How to add Google backlinks

      as a blog, or as a web site, the RP value is very important, is directly related to your site in the minds of the position, and most closely is the site for the relationship between RP and the reverse link, the number of backlinks, determines the quality of your the value of RP. You can use to query the number of backlinks in search engines.

      this blog has been established for a month or so, the value of RP today to 1, are included in major search engines: read more

Several effective methods of advertising media promotion in local websites

is currently relying on the site to make money is no longer as in the past few years so simple, with the increase in local sites, the success of a number of local sites so that large and small webmaster and see the dawn. Do a lot of local station suddenly.

although we have seen the success of the site, such as the famous West Temple, Hefei portal, indeed, they were all successful. However, the initial site of the site has been the problem of most owners headache. The establishment of the local website, but eventually we had to give up, No one shows any interest in, to other sites. So, I want to say today no color monk is not you see the station, is your ability to promote. read more

There are a large number of sites to look for a suitable site

cash acquisition of IP in the mixture million websites (not related to the website of copyright)

cash 150 thousand novel station

female class or mother and child related website

acquisition of PR5PR6 high quality website

10W cash for a matter of conscience movie station, passion station, road quality is better, the hacker

not faze

long term high priced Baidu have frequently included Google PR site the older the better

novel station, requires Baidu included normal, has been filed

domain name: [50 thousand to 100 thousand] acquisition of hacker portal domain name! read more

Wanda domain name the latest developments the record information shows that the European rather than

renamed Chinese ( December 29th news, according to friends @ 100 words Si language acquisition of micro-blog broke the news, Wang Sicong "Wanda" domain name, has completed the record in the earlier this month, but the record information is shown in Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, namely the domain name seller. Is this just a hype?

this morning, friends @ language said micro-blog COM domain name survey: latest record in December 5, 2014, the show is still flying in the hands of Europe, is the acquisition of a hype it? read more

Baidu’s first release of social media sharing data report

Baidu for the first time released social media share data report users daily share growth of 60%

social media attributes of the Internet more and more obvious, people talk about the trend of social media has never stopped. Before the engine Baidu’s Baidu share the world’s largest Chinese search ( released the first half of 2012 "social media sharing Industry Report". The report shows that from January 2012 to June, the number of domestic social media users continued to grow, social media sharing is showing a strong upward trend. At the end of June, social media users daily share volume growth reached 60%, the average daily increase of 758% active site. Visible, social sharing has been integrated into the social networking life of the masses, has become a daily habit of people. read more

Xie Wen innovation and micro innovation in my mind

recently, the word "innovation" in the media see high breadth. From the central government to the academic and business circles, calls for innovation, order of innovation, innovation which meet the eye everywhere. As a new high-tech industry, the network industry can not lag behind, the banner of innovation everywhere, and even a new concept – micro innovation. I am an advocate of innovation and hard work in the Internet industry, wrote a lot of articles to discuss innovation blog. However, in my mind, innovation and innovation in the market today or the Chinese characteristics of the new minimally invasive is not necessarily the same thing. read more

ndustry website in the end there is no future

      no future?

Sun Deliang and Guo Fansheng are the current domestic e-commerce, and even the entire Internet industry influential figure. Guo Fansheng HC B2B is a comprehensive e-commerce website after a Alibaba, the company was listed in Hongkong in 2003. Sun Deliang Hi2000 is the first brand of domestic industry, the company became the first Internet Co A stock market last year.

two not only in the past has a similar development experience, in the future there are almost the same thing to do: Sun Deliang is using "business platform" wantonly incorporated industry website, and Guo Fansheng also draw into the HC system industry website. But it is these two people have different views on the industry website. read more

Two dimensional code marketing era can create marketing peak

speaking of two-dimensional code, I believe we are not unfamiliar, some people have heard, but do not know how to use; some people will use, but do not know it can promote marketing. In recent years, many advertising alliance by WeChat two-dimensional code to provide attention, accumulate popularity.

two-dimensional code marketing platform is a promotion to electronic coupons as the core of the platform to help enterprises, enterprises and businesses to create marketing activities through this platform, making rules, according to the type of marketing activities to provide code, encoding, verification, performance statistics, communication service evaluation. Widely suitable for group purchase and integral consumption, discount coupons, vouchers and other VIP business, by the two-dimensional code as a link, the integration of the mobile Internet, automatic identification technology, accurate delivery coupons, using electronic means to promote and help enterprises to achieve precision marketing. The activity can be evaluated, controlled, good experience and safety and environmental protection to meet the various types of business models and marketing activities of electronic support. read more

How to make your site updated every day by Baidu


every day from dawn to dusk, you have not thought about what you wrote several people watching, Baidu spider is not every day included update your article? Look at Baidu quickly on the article you wrote yesterday, today, Baidu is not included to have more readers to see if? Ha ha! You ever wrote the article, Baidu is not included, but only dozens of people watching, don’t you feel tired? Don’t feel paid no return


here are some of the methods I am using, I hope to help you.

: you want Baidu spider coming to your site first of course your content rich do taste a little, how can be called "rich flavor" read more

Soft Wen promotion to soft value is truth

recently in the tracking of a B2C site promotion, especially the promotion of soft parts. Have the following feelings:

marketing soft writing promotion to get better results, is not necessarily the article how soft, soft how clever, but the article itself is of great value to the user.

today’s Internet users more and more smart, no matter how clever soft Wen planning, are difficult to get, if only to focus on the soft Wen "planning", thinking of how to use the information from the past user advertising, rather than how to embody the "value", the result will inevitably lead to resentment users, writers write soft Wen estimation many such composition, feel very hurt, very fall, while he wrote, feel special. read more

QQ website promotion methods

1 content construction, must bring their own website content in the promotion website before, all kinds of information to all perfect website interface design to make people look comfortable, not for beauty, but can be simple and practical, website content, to attract users, otherwise, your users will not be in your web site for more than 20 seconds above. Refer to the QQ character signature bar

2 release information, release information refers to write original articles, and then publish your articles to the industry Web site, of course, also want to release their own website, but the best in your own web site, the last known source of the source, you can follow it to you your site when others reproduced. read more

Talk about Marketing on the road three bridge

the rapid development of the Internet people is obvious to people, the spirit of the Internet is a group of 90 broad road to walk the trail, then we have no success in marketing is not lost to 90, but lost to the trend of the Internet for marketing, such as two words, this is not just through a dating software or a chat the tool can be made in the way of marketing, marketing is not a lot, but also a lot of my experience, analysis of the three main marketing way we need to break the threshold.

  read more

Baidu optimization you no discussion

As we all know, the search engine officials are not very clear to give SEO positive attitude, Yahoo more understanding, Google does not exclude, baidu….. Baidu, I want to how many webmaster friends through some official statement, reports and websites penalized by Baidu understand the attitude of Baidu to SEO, can be said that in the eyes of Baidu SEO is the search engine as the enemy. Quote Baidu CTO Liu Jianguo was interviewed to answer a passage:

"twenty-first Century" interview: "cheating search" is what you mean? What is the unique technique to deal with it?

from internal links, external links, label settings, layout factors, five factors explained the key points, but the individual is different from other search engine rules considered "label set, external links" read more

Sharing allows consumers to order a few strokes marketing tactics

traditional concept that the user as long as the site on our site to stay longer, then the higher the conversion rate. In fact, this is an inaccurate view, when users stay in our site a piece of goods on time exceeds a threshold, the user may be hesitant to buy the product, the user may leave us for a long time. That is to say, the residence time of the user in the commodity page is inversely proportional to the conversion rate. As long as we care under the analysis of consumer psychology is to know the reason, consumers of the goods on our page longer residence time for our goods shilly-shally, easily affected by other factors, the conversion rate of naturally low. read more

List of 10 trick website promotion

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently wrote a lot about the website SEO internal optimization of the article, this article do website promotion 10 trick, hope small writing to help the webmaster friends, please support reprint, I believe that most of the webmaster have some website promotion means in order to use more outdated, is not called the means of promotion, called manufacturing information rubbish. Now Xiaobian to 10 key aspects of the site to promote the means.

A: do website content read more

Beverage industry website site received 120 thousand shares in July

has been operating beverage industry portal for 7 months, in continuous learning, constantly thinking, constantly after the implementation of the website IP number exceeded 2500 people from the original 0 to the present, and increasing every day, and now the first received industry shares invested 120 thousand yuan, although the money is not a lot, but let I feel my website at least got certain customer recognition, it makes me feel very happy, at the same time in the process of feeling a lot, here is a record of my operation idea and implementation process, case analyzing elements of the functioning of the industry website, hope and colleagues to share. read more

How important is it to invest in a good looking entrepreneur

Abstract: is it important for you to start a business? My answer is very important, like the face of most things in the world. A good face entrepreneurs, regardless of his subsequent financing, market expansion, even if it is an interview with reporters, are more likely to get the favor of others in the first time.

a few days ago with a friend to dinner table opposite investment, there are two handsome people to slobber the heroic spirit of man. The meal, my eye braved the wolf like greedy green, the other eye filled with Ximen Qing’s version of peach blossom. read more

Hackers hijack the server to steal nternet users account was sentenced

several computer hackers hijack DNS server, users will visit the site to site to steal the wrong virus, Internet game account resale profit. Recently, Ma Zhisong and other 6 defendants were sentenced to Jiangsu, Wuxi District Court of First Instance sentenced to four years to one year imprisonment.

November 19, 2007, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment received a report: the 5 to 19 day period, parts of the country’s Internet users to visit the city of Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. Mini homepage, is located in Wuxi City, pointing to the virus server, causing millions of Internet users, the computer virus infection, the Tencent Inc was forced to stop the web services, causing significant economic losses. Police immediately carry out the investigation, in December of the same year, arrested 6 suspects in Sichuan Chengdu, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, Heilongjiang and other places were dongning. read more