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Opportunity For Public Input into Student Absenteeism

first_imgNova Scotians are invited to provide input to help improve the learning environment in schools and address student absenteeism. The public can share their views and make submissions to the Minister’s Working Committee on Absenteeism and Classroom Climate through an Education Department online survey, beginning today, June 10. The deadline for submissions is July 10. “It is important that we hear from students, parents, educators and all others interested in helping this committee develop strong recommendations that will improve the learning environment and address chronic absenteeism in our schools,” said committee chair Howard Windsor. Although provincial statistics aren’t kept on the subject, many high schools and boards report that more students are skipping classes and falling behind on school work. School administrations say they feel powerless to enforce attendance. The working committee, which will have representation from a range of interested education groups, was established last month to make recommendations that will improve attendance, increase student engagement and offer strategies to support a productive learning environment. The online survey is available at www.ednet.ns.ca .last_img read more

Moroccan TV Channel 2M Announces New Programs for Ramadan

Rabat – Moroccan state owned TV channel 2M has struggled to find an alternative to Hassan El Fad’s famous comedy sitcom, “The Couple,” therefore must rely primarily on old productions to attract the audience during the holy month.To meet the needs of a growing audience during Ramadan, 2M TV will present many series and comedy sitcoms including “Nayda fi douar” and the second season of the sitcom “Kenza fi Douar,” which was watched by over 10 million viewers during Ramadan 2014.“The Couple” will be shown every day during the holy month of Ramadan just before breaking the fast, a period called the Iftar. Dounia Boutazout, the actress that gained fame after her successful performance in “the Couple,” will star in another series “F Salone” (in the living room), which will be broadcasted in three-minute episodes every day at 20.15.Abdellah Didane, who appeared in the controversial film “Much Loved,” will be among the main characters of this sitcom.Another new series to be broadcasted in four-minute episodes is entitled “Nejma w Qamar” and will feature the story of two young unemployed girls whose life is turned upside down after being hired as street vendors in the streets of Casablanca.The comedy series of “Al khawasser” is also programmed for broadcast, even though shooting for the show has just begun. The sitcom will be composed of 30 four-minute long episodes aired every day at 21h.After a long absence due to a period of recovery following a car accident, Hicham Bahloul will return to the screen in the historical series “Hbal Rih,” derived from Moroccan history and cultural heritage. read more

Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil, Mohamed Lahna Launch ‘Green March Triathlon’

Rabat – “Triathlon de la Marche Verte,” a triathlon created to memorialize the Green March of 1975, is currently taking place in Morocco. It began in Tangier on October 11th and will end in Lagouira on November 6th.The Triathalon was launched by Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil, and Mohamed Lahna, who “wish to revive the glorious march” on this 40th anniversary of the Green March. One of the longest in the world, the route itself contains 10 kilometers of swimming, 2595 kilometers of cycling, and 460 kilometers of running, broken up over 18 days.Ibn Abdeljalil is a successful investment banker who put aside his financial career to follow his dream of climbing Mount Everest, an achievement for which King Mohamed VI awarded him an order of merit. He volunteers within the realm of education, as an ambassador for Injaz al Maghreb and as vice president of the Association Amani. Lahna was a runner up in the Para-Triathlon Worlds in Beijing in 2011 and winner of the World Cup Para-Triathlon in 2011. He has accomplished many personal challenges including crossing the Straight of Gibraltar, doing the Sand Marathon, and the Ironman Triathlon Kona. He is currently preparing for the Rio 2016 Para-Olympics.The triathlon is in honor of The Green March, which took place on November 6, 1975 during which 350,000 Moroccans marched from Marrakech to challenge the occupation of Spanish Sahara and attempt to unite Morocco from Tangier to Lagouira.To follow the action visit www.nacerben.com. read more

Passengers flood Atlanta airport after Super Bowl weekend

ATLANTA — Nearly 102,000 passengers flew out of Atlanta’s international airport the Monday after the Super Bowl, breaking the record for the number of people screened at the airport in one day.The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports passengers waited for up to an hour-and-a-half to get through security on what many call Mass Exodus Monday. Lines went all the way from the domestic terminal atrium into the airline check-in areas.The Transportation Security Administration says the previous record was set on the Friday before Memorial day last year, when just over 93,000 passengers flew out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.The airport’s assistant general manager of planning, Tom Nissalke, says the airport had “established a plan to essentially use every available square foot and fill it with queuing.”___Information from: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, http://www.ajc.comThe Associated Press read more

Security Council urges Afghans to avoid recriminations strengthen efforts

27 November 2008A Security Council mission wrapped up a visit to Afghanistan today urging the country’s leaders and its international partners to intensify their efforts in bringing stability and security to the war-torn country while expressing cautious optimism for its future. Speaking at a press conference, delegation leader Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’ Agata of Italy said Afghanistan was faced with a difficult security situation, but not a security crisis.“We should avoid any inclination to disillusion and frustration,” Mr. Terzi said. Adding, “This is instead time for Afghans and their international partners to redouble their joint efforts.”Mr. Terzi also noted a number of recent positive turn of events including the marked improvement in relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, new energy in Government following a cabinet reshuffle and a significant drop in opium cultivation.The a three-day visit included meetings with President Hamid Karzai, Government leaders, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, and members of the international community, including the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).The team – made up of ambassadors and representatives from the Council’s 15 member countries – addressed several issues during their three-day visit, including governance, regional cooperation, elections, human rights and humanitarian issues, reconciliation, security, civilian casualties, socio and economic development, media, the situation for women, and the UN’s role in assisting Afghanistan. read more

Two Brazilians arrested with cocaine pills in their stomachs

Two Brazilian men were arrested separately at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) with cocaine pills in their stomachs.Initially one Brazilian man was arrested at the BIA with cocaine pills in his stomach. He was also admitted to hospital. (Colombo Gazette) The suspect was admitted to hospital and more than 66 pills were extracted.Later another Brazilian was also arrested with cocaine pills in his stomach. The Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) arrested the Brazilian after it was believed that he had swallowed the pills.According to the PNB the cocaine in the pills are worth Rs 13 million. read more

Bowl game could grant Pryor chance to follow in footsteps of fellow

Twenty seconds remained in the 2006 Rose Bowl. A fourth-and-5 was all that stood between Texas and a national championship; between Vince Young and college football immortality.A few seconds later, Keith Jackson said, “He’s going for the corner, he’s got it.”Vince Young disappeared into an assembly of media and photographers with the same confidence he possessed when he showed up on the Rose Bowl stage 368 days earlier.  Longhorn fans relished a national title celebration. Young relished the knowledge that he would go down as one of the biggest heroes in Rose Bowl history.Two-time defending national champion USC scrambled to win its third title, but Vince Young’s 9-yard touchdown run and almost unheard-of individual performance had already shattered that dream. On Saturday, when the oldest member of the Buckeyes, Devin Barclay, kicked OSU into the “Granddaddy of Them All,” it was only a matter of time before someone pointed out this fact: Vince Young played in the Rose Bowl his sophomore season, too.Quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who has often been compared to Vince Young since the Longhorn’s dominating performances in the Rose Bowl in ‘05 and ‘06, will be a sophomore, as well.The comparisons have come from everywhere, including Pryor’s former high school coach Ray Reitz and Young’s college coach Mack Brown.“Before he leaves Ohio State, he’ll lead them to a national championship,” Brown said earlier this season of Pryor. “He’s that kind of player.”Brown saw Young up close for four seasons at Texas. After redshirting his first year, Young split time as a redshirt freshman before starting as a sophomore and junior.His blend of size, speed and athleticism had never been seen at the quarterback position. And for the most part, it hasn’t been seen since — until Pryor.Although both Young and Pryor managed to lead their teams to a Rose Bowl in their sophomore seasons, struggles didn’t go unnoticed.Against Purdue several weeks ago, Pryor committed a career-high four turnovers in the Buckeyes’ shocking loss. His lackluster effort against USC earlier in the season also gave doubters reason to grumble.Young faced similar hardships in his sophomore season. Against rival Oklahoma, the quarterback was eight of 23 for 86 yards, and his Longhorns were shut out for the first time since 1980.  Young’s critics were in full force after a 12-0 loss.His season stats, like Pryor’s, weren’t gaudy. Young threw one less interception than touchdowns on the season and also did his fair share of scoring with his legs.The shutout loss, however, would be the last of Young’s college career, and he would still manage to get his one-loss Texas team into the Rose Bowl against Big Ten champion Michigan.His first of two Rose Bowl appearances would mark the beginning of the end of one of the most brilliant college football careers in recent history.On the grandest stage of all, Young did not disappoint. The Wolverines had a star-studded defense, but nothing stopped Young when the bright lights of California shined their brightest.Young brought his Longhorns back from a 10-point deficit in the second half. He had touchdown runs of 20, 60, 10 and 23 yards and ran for a total of 192 yards total on the day. Young was equally efficient at passing, throwing a touchdown, and completing 16 of 28 for yards.When the Longhorns won on a last-second field goal, Vince Young had officially broken onto the national scene, making his name known as one of the best quarterbacks in college football.The following season would be even better for the junior quarterback. Leading his team to an undefeated season and a berth in the Rose Bowl for the national championship, Young’s stats sent him to New York, where he finished runner-up to Reggie Bush for the Heisman Trophy.In the national championship game against USC and its two Heisman winners, Bush and Matt Leinart, Young again put on a display of how to will his team to victory.With the world watching, Young ran all over the Rose Bowl, leaving USC defenders with nothing to tackle but air. Running for three touchdowns and 200 yards, Young led Texas back from a 12-point deficit to a 41-38 win.Young’s arm was also on display, going 30 of 40 for 267 yards. His combined 467 yards of offense is a Rose Bowl performance that might never be matched.But Pryor will get his chance to live up to the Rose Bowl legend of Vince Young; at least, his legend as a sophomore, when he led his team to a Rose Bowl victory. As for the legend of Young’s junior season, when he led his team to a national title, Pryor will have to wait to claim it next year. read more

Gibraltars mill experts

first_imgTaseko Mines has announced further procurement details for the upgrade and expansion of the concentrator facility at its Gibraltar mine in south-central British Columbia, Canada. This upgrade and expansion project will increase the production capacity of the Gibraltar mine from 70 Mlb to 100 Mlb of copper per year by 2008. Taseko has entered into an agreement with Farnell-Thompson, an engineering firm specializing in grinding mill design and engineering for direct sourcing of the new SAG mill for Gibraltar. Direct sourcing reduces the time for mill design, engineering and delivery of the mill components. Taseko reports that “Farnell-Thompson has been active in the global market for SAG mill sourcing for over the last 15 years, and recently provided similar services to Newmont for the supply of grinding mills for their Phoenix project in Northern Nevada.” It is expected that the SAG mill will be delivered in 15 months. In conjunction with this work, Taseko has also engaged Hatch to provide overall engineering and procurement services for the upgrade of the concentrator. www.farthom.comlast_img read more

Meeting of chemical weapons watchdog on Syria postponed again

first_imgA PLANNED MEETING of the global watchdog for chemical weapons on Syria has been postponed.The group had intended to meet on Sunday but announced this afternoon that a new date and time will be arranged as soon as possible.The change of plan comes after Reuters reported that Bashar Assad has handed details of its weapons arsenal to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.“We have received an initial disclosure from Syria of its chemical weapons programme. It’s now being examined by the Technical Secretariat,” the body confirmed.Diplomatic sources said that a draft text to be discussed at the meeting had not yet been agreed upon by the United States and Russia. The OPCW has already postponed the meeting several times this week.It was waiting for Syria to give its 41-member Executive Council a detailed list of all its weapons and facilities.The government has already agreed to destroy its chemical weapons, which is understood to include 1,000 tonnes of toxins, but the President has warned that it will cost $1 billion and take about one year.Earlier: Syria war has reached stalemateMore: Assad will destroy chemical arms – but it’ll take a year and cost $1 billionlast_img read more

Facebook stomps down on app developers selling users private data to brokers

first_imgFacebook has been going to much greater lengths lately to clear up its image when it comes to user privacy, but a recent move to stomp down on Facebook application developers from selling user data to third-party data brokers might be the social network’s strongest statement yet that its changed it spots.On Friday, Facebook posted a message to their official blog, saying that it was against the policies of Facebook to sell user information to data brokers, and that — in fact — they themselves had never engaged in doing so. The social network, according to the post, has no tolerance for data brokers “because they undermine the value that users have come to expect from Facebook.”AdChoices广告Facebook’s making clear it expects the same ethical coda from its developers and that they will react strongly when they catch wind of third-party developers passing data scraped from their Facebook applications to data brokers. They’re going as far to include “anonymous identifiers in this protected category of Facebook data” and if you fall afoul of this policy, you’re going to be kicked off the social network.Just to prove they are serious, Facebook has said they’ve already caught a few developers selling lists of UIDs, and these developers are now banned from Facebook for the next six month. Afterwards, they’ll be let back on, but Facebook will require them “to submit their data practices to an audit in the future to confirm that they are in compliance with our policies.”The good news is there were no big names in the developers caught: all the guys selling of data were small fries, so your Farmville farm is probably safe. Frankly, it’s encouraging to see Facebook making good with its promises to improve privacy on the largest social network on Earth. Let’s hope they follow through.Read more at Facebooklast_img read more

Paddy Barnes will probably retire after suffering shock defeat in US debut

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 17th 2019, 11:24 PM Paddy Barnes will ‘probably retire’ after suffering shock defeat in US debut war Barnes lost a split decision to unheralded Texan Oscar Mojica on the undercard of Michael Conlan’s Patrick’s Day card at MSG. Image: Frank Franklin II Barnes and Oscar Mojica waged war at Madison Square Garden. Image: Frank Franklin II By Gavan Casey https://the42.ie/4548435 Sunday 17 Mar 2019, 11:24 PM Barnes and Mojico trade stiff jabs. Source: Frank Franklin IIBarnes walked out to tune of U2′s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, which in itself got a rapturous reception before the sizeable crowd even realised it was a fighter’s entrance music.Walked to the ring by close friend Carl Frampton among others, and cheered on by Irish WWE star Balor at ringside, it was the Belfast man who found himself bloodied within seconds. A right hook by Mojica bust Barnes’ nose, painting his face red for the remainder of a testing opening round in which both men enjoyed their share of success.The second was an absolute war. An assault to the body, with Mojica delivering a ferocious left hook south of Barnes’ rib cage, sent the Irishman staggering backwards before he slumped to the canvas, grimacing, under the Texan’s weight. It was as legitimate a knockdown as the night is long, but incredibly the man in the middle ruled it a push on behalf of the justifiably furious Mojica. Thankfully for the Texan, it didn’t prove costly in the end.A belting encounter played out from there, Barnes occasionally coming to life and firing back in threes and fours to the guttural approval of those in attendance. But he seemed to be constantly chasing the contest instead of leading it.For every ‘Go on!’, there were two or three gasps as the physically larger and stronger Mojica landed at will, redecorating Barnes’ face with blood from his nose during almost every stanza.The self-styled ‘Leprechaun’ nearly took the roof off, and Mojica’s head with it, by way of a thudding overhand right in the closing stages, but didn’t really come close to finding a finishing blow. Barnes landed a massive right hand with seconds remaining. Source: Frank Franklin IIA thrilling encounter was awarded to the correct victor, with the Irish audience only half-heartedly booing the decision.A thrilled Mojica, meanwhile, paid his dues to Barnes.“It was really important for me [to hurt him with that body shot], even though they didn’t count it as a knockdown. It gave me confidence. I knew I could hurt him throughout the other rounds. I got a little away from my gameplan, but I stayed sharp for the most part. I deserved to win. If I win here in New York, Madison Square Garden, St. Patrick’s Day, and I came out with the win, it was because I deserved it. I give the most credit to Paddy Barnes. He’s a great fighter, ex-Olympian. He had an amazing career. 18 Comments 75,978 Views Gavan Casey reports from The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New YorkTHREE-TIME IRISH Olympian Paddy Barnes says he’ll “probably retire” from professional boxing after suffering a shock split-decision defeat to Oscar Mojica on his US debut at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater.The unheralded Texan Mojica, previously 11-5 with just one KO, scored what appeared to be a legitimate knockdown in the second round only to see it ruled a push by referee Danny Schiavone, but he was still awarded the contest on split scores of 58-56 x2, 56-58.Barnes, the naturally smaller man on the night, was battered and bloodied but fought gallantly, frequently bringing the 4,000-strong, Irish-heavy crowd to its feet.Despite moving up two divisions from flyweight to bantamweight, Barnes had been expected to take care of business against rank outsider Mojica in a bid to rebound from last summer’s stoppage defeat to Cristofer Rosales in a world title fight in Belfast.Instead, he was well beaten and saw his professional record drop to 5-2 (1KO). The two-time Olympic bronze medalist, 31, nodded and applauded the judges’ verdict in the American’s favour. Speaking post-fight, a distraught but brutally honest Barnes said:In the first round, he broke my nose. And to be honest, I don’t know how the judges scored it close because I thought he won every round. I’m too small for bantamweight, but to be honest with you, I’ll probably retire now. Is there any point in boxing on after a fight like that?“The fans are great, like, but at the end of the day it’s my health and all. If I’m going to box like that, there, what’s the point in boxing on?I strongly think this is it. I always thought if I lost again, I’d retire. The fight wasn’t even close. I thought he won every round. Barnes and Oscar Mojica waged war at Madison Square Garden. Share4 Tweet Email Short URLlast_img read more

Curiosity latmosphère de Mars aurait été soufflée il y a quatre milliards

first_imgCuriosity : l’atmosphère de Mars aurait été soufflée il y a quatre milliards d’annéesEt si Mars avait, elle aussi, possédé une atmosphère riche en oxygène ? Le robot Curiosity a découvert que l’atmosphère de Mars avait été entièrement détruite suite à sa collision avec un objet de la taille de Pluton. Cet événement serait survenu il y a environ quatre milliards d’années. Il y aurait eu de l’eau sur Mars. Désormais, la planète aurait aussi possédé une atmosphère ! Un événement mystérieux, mais catastrophique, aurait complètement soufflé l’atmosphère de Mars, selon les premiers résultats donnés par Curiosity.Un an après son atterrissage sur la planète rouge, le robot Curitosity a déjà parcouru un kilomètre. Ses instruments d’analyse embarqués ont déjà envoyé leurs premières mesures. Elles concernent notamment l’identification des gaz présents dans l’air martien, parmi lesquels figurent l’argon, l’azote, l’oxygène, le monoxyde de carbone et le dioxyde de carbone. Le mélange, qui a déjà fait l’objet de deux études publiées dans la revue Science, correspond à celui relevé par le robot Viking en 1976. Mais, avec Curiosity, les résultats se sont révélés beaucoup plus fiables.”Les mesures de Curisotity sont, pour la première fois, assez précises pour être comparés aux relevés effectués sur Terre sur des météorites à l’aide d’instruments très sophistiqués”, explique le docteur Chris Webster du Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, auteur de l’une des études. Monica Grady, professeur en sciences planétaires à l’Open University a déclaré “qu’il était extraordinaire que deux études, utilisant des outils et des techniques différents, aboutissent au même résultat. Ces découvertes contredisent les résultats de la mission du robot Phoenix et clarifient les confusions sur la composition de l’atmosphère martienne”, rapporte le Guardian.Un événement catastrophique pour l’atmosphère de MarsLes équipes de chercheurs estiment donc que l’atmosphère de la planète rouge a été totalement détruite il y a quatre milliards d’années. La raison ? Un événement encore inconnu mais qui s’est révélé catastrophique pour la planète.Les scientifiques pensent que les différents ratios de deux formes d’argon, actuellement présents sur Mars et sur la Terre, suggèrent qu’un événement de grande ampleur a affecté leur présence. Selon Monica Grady, cela pourrait être dû à des violentes éruptions volcaniques ou à une collision avec une énorme objet spatial, probablement au moins de la taille de Pluton.Mars aurait donc développé une atmosphère riche en oxygène plus d’un milliard d’années avant la Terre, selon une étude publiée le mois dernier. Des rochers, récupérés par le robot Spirit à la surface du cratère Gusev, contiennent cinq fois plus de nickel que les météorites martiennes découvertes sur la Terre. Cela révèle que la surface des pierres, vieilles d’au moins 3,7 milliards d’années, se sont formés dans un environnement riche en oxygène. Or, ce n’est pas le cas des météorites dont l’âge varie entre 180 millions et 1,4 milliards d’années.Des réservoirs d’eau identiques depuisSelon les résultats, depuis la catastrophe, les réservoirs d’eau et de dioxyde de carbone de la planète seraient restés quasiment identiques.”Mars est petit à petit devenu une planète et son océan de magma s’est solidifié. Les vents solaires, et le possible impact d’un corps de la taille de Pluton a soufflé la majorité de l’atmosphère de Mars. Et depuis, l’atmosphère a développé un équilibre entre les éruptions volcaniques et la perte dans l’espace”, détaille le docteur Webster.Préparer l’exploration humaineÀ lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?Les résultats de Curiosity devraient permettre aux chercheurs de simuler l’évolution du climat martien. Ils pourront ainsi déduire si la planète possédait un environnement chaud et humide et si elle possédait les bonnes conditions pour le développement de la vie. “Une question fondamentale se pose sur la capacité de la jeune planète Mars : comment l’eau, sous forme de lacs ou même d’océans, ont pu persister à la surface de la planète rouge pour développer une vie microbienne”, explique le docteur Paul Mahaffy du Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center.Ces études pourraient s’avérer essentielles à moyen terme, puisqu’elles permettraient d’adapter les systèmes de respiration des futurs voyageurs humains sur Mars. Néanmoins, des analyses plus poussées doivent être réalisées avant que les humains ne puissent poser le pied sur Mars, affirme le docteur Paul Mahaffy. Selon le scientifique, “d’un point de vue pratique, nous devons connaître la composition de l’atmosphère martienne actuelle et son évolution, afin de pouvoir préparer l’arrivée d’éventuels explorateurs humains”, rapporte le Telegraph. Le 19 juillet 2013 à 14:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


first_img Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos confirms indefinite closure in 2021 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, Nov. 4 (JIS): The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) says it is committed to bolstering the required skills of all countries in the region to respond to, and contain a possible introductory case of Ebola in Latin America and the Caribbean.Director of PAHO, Dr. Carissa Etienne, gave the commitment today (November 4), while addressing delegates from some 30 countries across the region, including Jamaica, at the opening of an Emergency Risk Communication Training Workshop in Barbados.Dr. Etienne said PAHO/WHO is willing to send in-country missions to assess possible imported cases of Ebola into the region, if the need arises. The three-day workshop is organised by PAHO/WHO, and is focused on current and potential risks to health, including influenza-like illnesses, chikungunya, dengue haemorrhagic fever, and Ebola.The Director, who noted that Ebola is probably not merely a threat, but rather a possibility, said the communication workshop is an important aspect of the region’s preparedness.“Ebola is not a new disease, although it is for the Americas. It remains a very scary one and that’s why this workshop is especially important,” she said. Dr. Etienne pointed out that throughout the three-day workshop, participants will focus on preparedness as well as risk communication and the need to deliver clear, concise, and consistent messages to the public, to health care workers, and the media.“The key principles of risk communication are trust and transparency. The goal is that our concerned public heed our request, whether that is to take their temperature or to follow a prescribed protocol,” she advised.Members of the Jamaican delegation include: National Epidemiologist, Dr. Karen Webster; Behaviour Change Communications Officer, Ministry of Health, Sharon Jones; Public Relations Officer, South Eastern Regional Health Authority, Taneisha Lewis; Advisor – Disease Prevention and Control at PAHO/WHO for Jamaica, Bermuda and Cayman Islands and Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Donna-Marie Rowe.The opening of the workshop coincides with the 17th Special Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM in Trinidad and Tobago.The meeting will discuss the threat of Ebola as well as the Caribbean’s response to the Chikungunya Virus. Jamaica is represented at the meeting by High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Sharon Saunders. Beaches Resort does not owe TCI Gov’t; both sides want multi-million dollar dispute resolved Related Items:caribbean, Carissa Etienne, Chikungunya, latin america, Pan American Health Organization, sharon saunders, World Health Organization Social Media on the job, what a study revealslast_img read more

Possible light snow in mountain areas this evening

first_imgA reader reports large snow flakes falling east of Washougal, near the Clark County and Skamania County lines, along Skamania Mines Road. According to the National Weather Service in Portland, snow and rain is expected to fall at higher elevations today, with a snow level dropping down to 700 feet. Snow should tapper off before 10 p.m. tonight with the snow level returning to 1000 feet. Little or no snow is expected to accumulate on the ground.The greater Vancouver area is expected to have strictly rainfall for the rest of the late afternoon into this evening, with expected partly sunny skies breaking though this weekend.last_img read more

British Airways i360 pays living wage to all staff

first_imgBritish Airways i360 will pay all 160 employees working at the Brighton tourist attraction the living wage following the commitment of its catering partner to the voluntary rate.The catering organisation, Heritage Portfolio, part of the Centerplate Group, has committed to paying all staff a minimum of £8.25 an hour. It joins British Airways i360’s suppliers ABC Translation, Brighton CCTV, Curve IT, Natural PR, and Recycling Partnership in paying the voluntary living wage rate to employees.The tourism organisation’s corporate partners, such as Preston Insurance and Skerrits Wealth Management, have also committed to the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign.British Airways i360 pays its 70 direct employees the voluntary living wage rate, including staff who are aged under 25 years old and those who are recent school or college leavers.In-sourced roles, such as cleaning and security staff, will also be paid the living wage.The voluntary living wage rate is calculated according to the cost of living in the UK. It is higher than the national living wage, which currently stands at £7.20 an hour for staff over the age of 25.Eleanor Harris (pictured), chief executive officer at British Airways i360, said: “We recognise that it’s not easy for the catering industry to do this and we want to publicly thank [Heritage Portfolio].“We are proud that our attraction will be an exemplar in this way and we have attracted some fantastic staff who will make the visitor experience really enjoyable.”“When we tender for services, we aim to hire [organisations that] are local, sustainable, and pay the living wage. Wherever possible we encourage our suppliers to join the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign.”Sarah Springford, director at Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, added: “British Airways i360 is one of the few tourism and hospitality businesses that has signed up to the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign and they’ve done it because they believe it will attract the best staff and help with retaining them. We hope this will encourage more to do it.”last_img read more

People On the Move 7182013

first_imgDawn Sheggeby has been promoted to executive director, group strategy & development for Hearst Men’s Group. She was previously director of integrated marketing at Esquire.Grazia Mohren has been promoted to VP-marketing at BizBash Media. Mohren had been director of marketing with the company.Marc Perton will be taking on the role of executive editor at Engadget. Perton had been director of content for gdgt. TIME has announced a number of staff changes:• Michael Scherer has been named TIME’s new Washinton Bureau Chief.• Ben Goldberger becomes Nation editor at TIME.• Maya Rhodan joins the Washington bureau as a reporter.• Eliza Gray joins TIME as a reporter from The New Republic.• Jack Dickey has been named a reporter covering sports and culture.• Nick Carbone has been promoted to homepage editor.• Alex Fitzpatrick joins TIME as homepage editor.• Lily Rothman has been promoted to reporter.• Olivia Waxman has been promoted to reporter.Vauhini Vara is joining The New Yorker as business editor of Newyorker.com. Vara had previously been a staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal.Sonal Dutt has been named senior features editor, digital, at People. Dutt had been executive director of lifestyle at Every Day with Rachael Ray. Steven James Snyder has been named editorial development director, digital, at People. Snyder was previously assistant managing editor at Time.com.Essence has named Aretha Busby as beauty director. She had been fashion director at Hearst.Lynn Leahey has been named as the editor of the Cynopsis flagship edition by Cynopsis Media, a division of Access Intelligence. Leahey was most recently articles director of In Touch magazine.InStyle has made multiple staff changes:• Kahlana Barfield has been named beauty director. She was previously beauty market editor with the company.• Angelique Serrano has been named beauty director. She had been senior beauty features editor there.• Erik Jackson has been named executive director. Jackson had been features editor with the company.• Amy Synnott has been named executive editor. Synnott had been beauty director at InStyle.Jamelle Bouie has been named staff writer at Newsweek/The Daily Beast. Bouie was previously a writing fellow at The American Prospect.Pauline Campos has been named advice and relationship columnist at Latina Media Ventures. She had been blogger at aspiringmama.com.last_img read more

Wilmingtons Union Office Donates 4000 To Wilmington Community Fund

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Community Fund is enormously grateful to its friends at Union Office, a New England office supply and furniture dealer based in Wilmington.In conjunction with Hewlett Packard customers, Union Office recently held a fundraiser which raised $4,000 for the Wilmington Community Fund.Delivered with the message to “use where needed most,” Union Office graciously embraced the Fund’s motto, “People helping People,” by helping us to provide families in need of support.To learn more about how you can support the Wilmington Community Fund, click HERE.(NOTE: The above photo is from the Wilmington Community Fund.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Union Office Donates $3,000+ To Wilmington Community FundIn “Community”5th & Final Tony A 5K Set For October 12 At Wilmington Town CommonIn “Community”COMING SOON: Town Shredding Day Set For September 14, Will Benefit Wilmington Food PantryIn “Community”last_img read more

The Fortunate Child Focuses On Education Equality

first_imgA novel by first time author Archana Mishra focuses on the need to make education more readily available to women. The Anchorage resident is a Native of India and lived and worked in Australia before moving to Alaska. She says for rural women in India, indigenous people in Australia and rural women in Alaska, the need is the same. Education creates equal societies. Mishra is an attorney and says all of the women in her family are highly educated. Her book, The Fortunate Child follows a girl who dreams of changing the world through helping others. She says women can’t be part of a thriving economy if they are not educational equals.Download Audiolast_img read more

Coast Guard rescues 8 fishermen

first_imgVisakhapatnam: In yet another swift operation, Indian Coast Guard rescued eight fishermen on Saturday by escorting missing fishing boat ‘Yohana Devudu’ which ventured into sea for fishing on June 22. The fishing boat was expected to be back on June 30. As there was no response from the boat, the boat-owners informed the Fisheries Department for initiating overdue procedure. On July 5, Indian Coast Guard Station, Kakinada received a message from the Fisheries Department regarding a missing fishing boat. Also Read – Telugu Day fete held at DPS Advertise With Us ICGS, Kakinada diverted Indian Coast Guard Ship Priyadarshini, which was on routine patrol, to the last reported position of the boat. Later, the ICGS Kakinada received a message from Assistant Director of Fisheries that the boat-owner could establish contact with the boat, estimating the position roughly. It was informed that the boat was drifted towards Paradip due to failure of propulsion and steering system.On receiving information, Coast Guard District Headquarters No 7, Paradip deployed Indian Coast Guard Ship, Sarojini Naidu on July 6. Also Read – Second batch of banking course begins Advertise With Us The ship sailed to reach the datum and started searching the fishing boat. Post extensive search operation, the Coast Guard ship located the fishing boat in distress. Despite harsh sea conditions and strong winds, the Coast Guard Ship Sarojini Naidu straight away closed-in the boat, provided assistance and towed her to Paradip harbor on Sunday thereby saving eight people’s lives.last_img read more

50 Years Later How Star Trek Has Influenced Space City

first_imgFifty years ago today, on Sept. 8, 1966, Star Trek debuted on American television.The original television series lasted just three seasons, but a legion of fans kept Trek culture alive for a decade, leading to a series of films, which spawned a new TV series, which led to three additional series, and more movies, and then a reboot, and even now another series is launching.But Star Trek’s influence extends well beyond popular culture: it has inspired generations to get involved in aerospace, to pursue technological advances that have had extraordinary impact on medicine (think medical scans), communication (smart phones, anyone?) and many other critical aspects of our lives.The influence of Star Trek is especially evident here in Space City, home of Johnson Space Center and the Texas Medical Center, where Houstonians have pursued careers that owe at least a small nod to concepts first introduced on a science fiction TV series 50 years ago.We discuss the legacy and impact of Star Trek on Greater Houston with Matt Abbott, flight director at Johnson Space Center, and Dr. Dorit Donoviel, deputy chief scientist with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, director of the Biomedical Innovation Lab and assistant professor at the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine. Sharelast_img read more